Why do I need an internal team chat in local retail?
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We still tend to think of competent teamwork as a face-to-face thing. Especially in brick-and-mortar retail it is important, where the interpersonal relationship with your customer is one of the most crucial characteristics for inspiring and retaining your customer, isn’t it?

So, does this mean that using a digital tool for communication within my sales team – an internal team chat – will make collaboration difficult or even impossible?

On the contrary! Virtual collaboration at work, as many people had to practice every day during the pandemic, can also prove to be much more productive in local retail than if you as a team “only” stand side by side in the store, shouting each other something or writing paper notes to colleagues.

Imagine being able to reach all your salesclerks through an internal, secure chat. With all the features that private chats also offer and even more:

  • Real-time communication
  • 1:1 chat
  • Group chats, so that not each individual employee have to be informed individually
  • Chats for selected employees only
  • Public team channels
  • Smileys and GIFs for expressive communication
  • Sending images, files and texts
  • Assign customers or tasks from a chat directly
  • Elimination of potentially inefficient team meetings

Access is possible via the internet at any time and no information is lost when individual colleagues are out of the office, in a customer consultation or in another branch office or sales area in the shop. Despite a physical distance, a group chat strengthens the feeling of “togetherness”. You save your paperwork, which not only causes paper waste, but above all chaos in your daily work. Customer orders, changes in working hours or handovers are no longer lost.

Everyone involved in the chat has access to the same internal information – regardless of location and time. The advantages here are obvious:

  • Increase in productivity through an improved workflow
  • Faster decisions through a simple two-way communication
  • Team members get more involved and share status updates
  • Collaboration becomes more efficient because everyone can keep an overview
  • Bring your team together in real time and increase productivity – for you and your customers.

Would you like to know more about our integrated team chat, which is also data protection compliant according to the GDPR ? Feel free to contact us directly at hallo@mpocket.io or visit our website www.mpocket.io. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Jasmin Janson

Marketing & Communication Manager mPocket

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