The app to acquire more customers in local retail

More reviews More customers in store More in-store feedback
Improved customer relationship management

More reviews
More in-store feedback
More customers in store
Improved customer relationship management

All in one easy-to-use app

Why customers trust mPocket


∅ more reviews

local search results

Be visible for potential customers

Most people gather information online and read reviews before visiting a local business. Therefore, it is important to be present online. The more reviews your business has, the better it will rank in relevant search results. With mPocket it only takes one click and you will collect on average 40% more reviews than before.

local search results

Digital made simple

Your customers want to get in touch with you before their visit and prefer to order your services and products directly online. With mPocket, you can enable your customers to contact you anywhere online.

more visibility with mPocket
more visibility with mPocket
easy overview of daily tasks with mPocket

Reduce the workload of your team

Personnel is scarce and your team is already at full capacity? Give your team more time to do what they love and do best – serving customers in-store. mPocket supports and takes over the time-consuming tasks without extra effort for your employees.

easy overview of daily tasks with mPocket

Retain customers more easily

With personalized and targeted customer service, you can turn your customers into loyal ones. mPocket simplifies customer engagement with a complete overview of your customers, their shopping history and preferences. 

easy overview of daily tasks with mPocket
easy overview of daily tasks with mPocket
customer feedback instore

Receive reviews directly in-store

After-sales equals pre-sales. Your satisfied customers are your best word-of-mouth. Collect more positive reviews directly in-store with mPocket – without any extra effort for your team.

customer feedback instore

“We want to use our long-lasting experience in the software industry and ecommerce space as well as my own experience as retail shop owner in the telecommunication industry to solve those problems that occured to myself and empower local businesses with our digital tool.”

Markus Demirci, CEO & founder mPocket


of your customers start their buying journey online


of your customers read rating & reviews before placing an order


of your customers expect real-time interaction

Award winning solution

Dream Assembly

Data protection and security 

ISO certified server​

SSL encrypted​

Server located in Germany

Daily data backup​

Simplify your customer interaction!

Reach more customers and drive them back into your store.