The 5 free Teamchat solution for your team you should know as a small business
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In any business team with more than one person, communication and collaboration are part of the day-to-day business. Team members need to communicate with each other to satisfy customers or guests and achieve more together. However, direct communication cannot always be guaranteed. Sometimes the colleague is not in the same room, at a different location, in the home office or simply absent. Exactly in this situation you need a team chat in order to be able to exchange ideas at a distance. What does a team chat actually need and which free solutions are already available, especially for smaller companies, to enable and facilitate internal communication for their teams?

1. WhatsApp

With two billion monthly active users worldwide, WhatsApp is also the most widely used messenger service in Germany. Many people use WhatsApp to communicate with family, friends but also with colleagues during and after working hours. WhatsApp makes it possible to chat with individuals, groups and recently also different communities. If you can’t type at the moment, voice memos can also be sent and since a while you can react to individual messages with so-called quick reactions to give others back quick feedback in emoji form. In addition, files and images, as well as contacts can be sent with just one click. However, WhatsApp has been criticized for some time now when it comes to data protection. For this reason, some have already changed to other messenger apps. Especially when you talk internally in the team about customers and their data, WhatsApp is not a secure messenger service from a data protection point of view

2. iMessage (Apple)

All iOS users know this messenger. Again, users can send text messages, photos or videos to other iPhone, iPad, Mac users via Wi-Fi or mobile data networks. iMessages are often compared to SMS, because if an iOS user sends messages in the iMessenger to a person who does not use iMessage, they arrive at the other end as SMS or MMS. With Group iMessage, groups can be named and people can be added and removed to groups.

3. Skype

The Microsoft solution, which we all recognize at the latest with its free ringtone, is also a popular messenger for communicating internally in the company. Skype enables its users to communicate with each other over the smartphone, desktop and tablet app as well as on the web. Voice calls and video calls can be made via Skype. In addition, screens can be shared and files and images can be sent. You can write with individuals or groups and link people directly in messages. Direct reactions in the form of emojis such as WhatsApp and iMessage are also possible here. In addition, surveys can be created directly in Skype to make decisions faster in the team.

4. Telegram

Many know Telegram as a privacy-compliant alternative to WhatsApp which led users turn away from WhatsApp in favor of Telegram. Since 2013, the messenger service based in Dubai has been focusing on fast, reliable and secure messaging. This service also offers its users to chat either with individual people or in a Telegram group with up to 200,000 others and to send any file type in the chat. Over the Telegram channel you can share information as an admin with an unlimited number of subscribers, comparable to an information board. In addition, the messenger service also has a Telegram bot for recurring questions. Telegram can be used as a smartphone app for iOS and Android, as a desktop application and as an installation-free web version and allows direct replies to messages, as well as linking or mentioning people and sending stickers and Giphys.

5. Microsoft Teams

Especially with the Corona crisis and the stricter home office regulations in many companies, Teams became “The best for companies that need simple remote solutions” and is increasingly used in small and large companies. Many companies use teams for daily teamwork on site or virtually and across locations. In teams, you can communicate with individual colleagues or department teams via message or video call. Links and files can be exchanged directly, and meetings can be scheduled directly in Outlook with a meeting link. In addition, other Microsoft apps such as Microsoft SharePoint, Outlook and the Planner app can be connected directly to plan and schedule tasks within the team. Microsoft Teams can be used as a desktop or mobile app and also in the browser itself.

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