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“Love your city – support locally – digital”


Let’s think about tomorrow today

The Corona crisis is shaking up the world, as we know it and our cities. It wipes out jobs, it threatens livelihoods, and yet it brings us more together and makes us more human.

We all yearn for normality. We want to go to the baker in the morning and get our breakfast, go shopping, have a coffee with friends or have a meal together.
But will our favorite places still exist after the crisis? Will the people who make them special still be there? Let us think of tomorrow today; of our favorite places; our gastronomy; our city.
Our city as we know and love it.
We can help together by joining forces to support the gastronomy. In this way, we can help restaurateurs in particular to obtain innovative solutions through the crisis, solutions to remain competitive and visible.
A small effort with a great effect for those affected, who will have a chance to recover not only now, but also in the future.
We want to start with mPocket and the digital menu and support the gastronomy during and after COVID-19.

Think of tomorrow and help together!

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