5 video chat tools free of charge

Thanks to video chats, more visual contact in a contactless time.
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We all know them and have just appreciated them during the contact restrictions in the pandemic. Virtual meetings, parties, birthdays, regular tables, live shopping or club meetings are part of our everyday life this year. Thanks to the countless video chat solutions from various platforms, we can see each other despite the social distancing regulations and communicate face-to-face with friends, family and colleagues. There are countless solutions to connect virtually with others via video chat, below we will introduce you to our personal Top 5.

Apple FaceTime

Apple’s video chat solution for all iOS devices, whether on the iPhone, Apple Watch or MacBook, with FaceTime, Apple users can chat with up to 32 people simultaneously for free via video. FaceTime conversations and group calls can be started directly in the FaceTime app or iMessenger and are unlimited in time. However, FaceTime is only available on iOS devices and not for Android smartphones.

WhatsApp Video Call

Facebook’s American instant messaging service WhatsApp offers its 2 billion users worldwide the opportunity to connect with up to eight people simultaneously via video chat. WhatsApp video chat is possible for all WhatsApp users whether Android or iOS operating system on laptop or smartphone without any time limit.

Instagram Videochat

Facebook’s social media platform Instagram also offers your users the opportunity to communicate with up to six people in video chat. However, the company has already announced that it will soon offer a new feature in which you can start a video group call with up to 50 people thanks to the integration of Facebook’s Messenger feature.

Facebook Rooms

With the new Facebook Rooms Messenger, you can now make a group video call with up to 50 people at the same time on the Facebook platform. There is also good news for all non-Facebook users, because even people without a Facebook account can participate in group video calls with an invitation. Facebook also offers participants unlimited chat.


With the Corona Pandemic, the American video conferencing solution Zoom also came around the corner, even though Zoom has been around since 2011. Zoom offers very good options, such as screen sharing, the option of setting up a virtual whiteboard that can be used during conferences, especially for conferences and business meetings. In addition, files can be sent in the chat function and communication can be continued in writing. Zoom Meetings can be joined directly in the app or on the web with the Meeting ID. With the free version of Zoom, up to 100 people can attend a meeting for a maximum of 40 minutes. If a zoom call exceeds 100 participants or should last longer than 40 minutes, there are still paid offers from Zoom.
Stay in touch during a contactless time!

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Stay in touch during contactless times.