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The logo is created out of two mirrored Ms as a reference to the M from the brand name mPocket. It further depicts the infinity or seamless symbol constituting the seamless merging of the on and offline world in retail. Customers are not thinking in channels anymore but rather expect a seamless shopping experience online and instore. Therefore, we are providing retailers a seamless solution to satisfy their customer’s expectations and meet their needs. Our mission at mPocket is giving our customers one app with an infinite number of solutions and opportunities to simplify the demands for every local retailer in their specific industry.

The “m” in mPocket stands for mobile, since we envision all existing digital touchpoints being replaced by only the mPocket app on your mobile phone.

Pocket” means that all those digital touchpoints and interactions between the retailer and the customers are available through the mPocket App on a mobile device fitting into your pocket.

Retail is becoming more and more complex with digitalization. The ever-changing customer behaviour as well as the Corona pandemic accelerated the use of digital interactions. It is a highly fragmented market with dozens of proprietary tools and touchpoints online and instore. It further increased the complexity of the work of local retailers. mPocket wants to simplify work for local retailers and help creating a seamless connection with their customers, online and offline. During the pandemic businesses had a hard time reaching their customers and finding skilled personnel. mPocket wants to create additional sales channels while taking work off the hands of those businesses. Our app functions as digital sales assistant that fits in everyone’s pocket. This assistant supports and empowers sales teams by offering a better customer overview, an easier way to reach more customers collect useful information and even automates tasks for sales associates. We strongly believe that “people buy from people” and we are convinced that digital solutions will empower local retailers to get closer to their customers and to deliver the experience they are seeking for.

Carolin Becker

Marketing mPocket

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