Successful Christmas business 2020

4 steps for your successful Christmas business even in the crisis year 2020

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  1. Step: Digitize your profile and products for more visibility and clickability
  2. Step: Interact with your customers in real time right now
  3. Step: Enable a smooth Christmas business at all touchpoints
  4. Step: Convince your customers of your business with automation
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Already at the beginning of November 2020 you should prepare as a trader for the upcoming slightly different Christmas business, it is even probably already much closer than you think. This year, 34% of consumers want to have all their Christmas shopping done before December, right now. But there is also good news for you and your Christmas business. 53% of Germans surveyed said they still want to spend as much in this crisis year of 2020 as they did for Christmas last year. With these 4 easy steps to a more successful Christmas business:

1. Digitize your profile and products for more visibility and clickability

In 2020, customers’ buying behaviour has changed significantly towards online shopping, especially due to the Corona crisis and the temporary store closures at the beginning of the year. Although there are fewer customers this year than before, 52% of consumers still want to buy their products in local shops this Christmas. Nevertheless, your customers usually also inform themselves online before they shop in the store. That’s why it’s important, even if you don’t have an online store, that your products are visible to customers online. Digitize your products and keep your product catalog up-to-date in your Google MyBusiness account. For example, Productscup can support your product data in the most relevant channels, such as Google Shopping Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. In this way, you and your assortment become more visible and discoverable for customers, which leads to a visit to the shop the following day, especially with local searches in 76% of cases. A clear competitive advantage for the Christmas business.

2.Interact with your customers in real time right now

Especially this year, interaction with customers is important, communicate that you want to support your customers in the Christmas business again. However, in order to reduce the risk of infection, customers no longer simply go to the store to learn more about products and their availability. Advise and inform your customers about your products in real time, no matter where the customer is. Already, 64% of customers expect to be able to interact with companies in real time. Especially online chats, live chat engagements, messenger apps are becoming more and more important to customers here. Use the various platforms and services to be there for your customers, answer questions, advise them and convince them of your business.

3. Enable a smooth Christmas at all touchpoints

Especially in the Christmas business, customers prefer to have the products immediately and avoid missing availability and nerve-wracking delivery difficulties in the best possible way. That is why it is important right now that you always have an up-to-date overview of your inventory in the shops and warehouse. You should also link your online channels to your brick-and-mortar store. This allows you to offer your customers more easily to reserve and pick up products online, in-store. Order management solutions such as Fluentcommerce’s can provide you with enormous support. With omnichannel solutions such as Click& Collect and Buy Online Pick-Up In-Store, you can help your customers complete all Christmas shopping online and stationary in good time and guarantee your sales. You cannot deliver from your warehouse at the same time in every region. Apple has already taken on this challenge this year and is now also using the Apple Stores as a warehouse and delivering directly from there to the customer. Take advantage of the proximity to the customer and offer delivery to your customers in the area.

4. Convince your customers of your business with automation

Your clients are all different in their own way, one wants to seek advice the other wants to be left alone and right now during the crisis many avoid personal advice in the business. With the help of automation technologies, offer your customers to decide for themselves whether and when they want to interact with your staff or how they want to pay. According to one study, 46% of consumers would switch from a pure online store to a brick-and-mortar business with automation. With automation, you can also gain a competitive advantage over pure online retailers and at the same time offer online comfort in the brick-and-mortar store.

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