Save time for your team

With mPocket you give your team an overview of all pending and completed tasks so no customer request or order will be forgotten. 

More efficient teamwork

Support your team and increase customer satisfaction at the same time by assigning tasks and customer request to specific employees.

Simple communication within the team

Reach your colleagues or your whole team easily and privacy compliant via the team chat and discuss tasks, customer requests and contracts directly.

More efficient teamwork

The mPocket Dashboard gives you transparency about completed and pending goals so you can compare your achievements over time and motivate your team to exceed goals.

More features for more sales productivity

Video Chat consultation /Videochatberatung

Video chat 
Digital, personal video chat consultation on-site

Daily Overview/ Tagss To-do Überischt

To do lists
A task overview accessible to the whole team

Prioritization of Review Platform /Priorisierung einer Bewertungsplattform

Prioritize tasks
Prioritize and schedule tasks for your team

Collective SMS
Automation of marketing activities and existing customer management

What retailers say

“Post COVID and lockdowns, we are struggling to find qualified employees. I own 40 Telco shops and have only 70 employees – almost impossible to handle. We can hardly manage to serve our customers who visit our stores during opening hours. Not even mentioning all organizational work, the reminders for contract renewals, promotions or personalized reminders for the new iPhone.”

More productivity for your team

One click - on app - more customers for your local business