More Sales Productivity

Automated customer loyalty

Simplify your existing customer management with automation. Send automated messages for contract extensions, pre-orders, or reservations and keep your customers up to date on promotions and offers.

Always up to date

Get an overview of all your tasks for the day, the coming week and the next month for the team and individual employees. Always have everything at a glance and never forget a new lead, a customer request or a contract extension again.

Improved Team Productivity

The mPocket Dashboard helps you target and analyze your reviews and requests with a complete overview of your store. Easily motivate your team with a gamified performance tracking option for daily, weekly and monthly comparison.

More features for more sales productivity

Personalized Templates
Automatically send personalized messages

Automatic Reply Function
Automatic reply function for your absence

Detailed Customer Profiles
Accurate customer profiles including data from social networks

Collective SMS
Automation of marketing activities and existing customer management

More productivity for your team