More Sales Productivity

Retain customers with messages

Increase your sales per customer and bind your existing customers long-termed by exceeding their expectations. Send customer notifications about contract renewals, pre-orders, reservations and the latest offers and marketing promotions automatically with mPocket.

Always up to date with your digital assistant

When everyone in the team knows what needs to be done, you achieve more together. With the Activity Planner from mPocket you receive an overview of all pending and completed tasks. No customer request will be left behind anymore.

Achieve and exceed your goals

Every business has its own weekly, monthly and annual goals. With your mPocket Dashboard you get statistics and performance overviews, so you know exactly which steps to take next. 

More features for more sales productivity

Personalized Templates
Automatically send personalized messages

Automatic Reply Function
Automatic reply function for your absence

Detailed Customer Profiles
Accurate customer profiles including data from social networks

Collective SMS
Automation of marketing activities and existing customer management

What retailers say

“Post COVID and lockdowns, we are struggling to find qualified employees. I own 40 Telco shops and have only 70 employees – almost impossible to handle. We can hardly manage to serve our customers who visit our stores during opening hours. Not even mentioning all organizational work, the reminders for contract renewals, promotions or personalized reminders for the new iPhone.”

More productivity for your team