More Reviews

More reviews with one click

Collect more reviews by sending automated review requests to your customers. With just one click you get customer reviews on the platforms which are relevant to you.

Easy to use

Receive all reviews from Google, Facebook and many other platforms centralized in your mPocket Inbox. Get real-time notifications of positive and negative feedback to respond directly and personally.

One Overview

automatically sending messages to bring customer back

Your mPocket dashboard provides you an overview of all open and closed customer reviews for a selective measuring and tracing of the progress.

automatically sending messages to bring customer back

More features for more reviews

Personalized Templates
Personalized or individual responses to reviews

Prioritization of Review Platform
Pick the platform for which you want more reviews.

Smartphone App
Push notifications in real time on your smartphone or tablet

Guest Wifi
Review requests directly connected to the guest Wifi

Collect more reviews now.