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Send review requests with one click for your relevant review platforms and get easily more reviews and visibility online. Convince prospects with the feedback from your customers.

Manage online reviews easily

Instead of logging into different review platforms every time, mPocket bundles all your reviews in one overview to respond directly, personally and on time.

Rank #1 on all platforms

automatically sending messages to bring customer back

With an even distribution on the different platforms you are more credible for customers. If you are ranked #1 on the sales channels that are relevant to you, more customers will find you. User mPocket to prioritize platforms and send review reminders.

automatically sending messages to bring customer back

Track measurable progress

Want to know which sales channels work best for your business and where your customers are more likely to find and rate you? With mPocket you get statistics to measure progress in a goal-oriented way.

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Personalized Templates
Personalized or individual responses to reviews

Prioritization of Review Platform
Pick the platform for which you want more reviews.

Smartphone App
Push notifications in real time on your smartphone or tablet

Connect review requests directly to payment systems

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