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Automated review requests in-store

Use all touchpoints in your local business, such as your guest Wi-Fi, payment and many more to automatically receive more customer  reviews and improve your online reputation.

In-Store Feedback

Benefit from every customer visit

What is the point of having an amazing store, excellent service and great staff if no one else knows about it? Your customers love you, because you do a great job. Ask your fans to share their experience with the world. Send review requests automatically to your customers directly after their purchase and convince even more customers with more reviews to visit your shop.

Collect important customer data

Connecting touchpoints like your guest Wi-Fi or payment to mPocket allows you to collect important customer data and feedback. With mPocket you will not only be able to offer a more individual service in your store, but also offer more personalized and customized products and services that will excite your customers.

More features for more instore feedback

Personalized Templates
Automatically send personalized messages

Guest wifi connection / Gäste Wlan Anbindung

Review requests directly connected to the guest WIFI

Connecting online & offline
Online presence directly linked to the PoS

Connecting review requests directly to payment systems

Get more reviews for your store