Customer acquisition

Attract & engage with customers already online

Provide your customers the possibility to contact you via messenger to reserve or to buy your products to increase your customers satisfaction and sales.

connect to mPocket

More overview & productivity

With mPocket your team gets an overview of customer requests and upcoming customer reminders and can easily assign & schedule requests and tasks to others. Manage your internal communication with mPocket as well – you’ll be more productive as a team and win even more customers. 

Less effort with one inbox

Reach more customers and turn them into fans with the centralized mPocket inbox

Logging in to FB, IG, Google and other inboxes is no longer necessary. From now on you only need your mPocket app to receive all your customer requests centralized in one place. Save time and never miss any customer request with notifications.

Reach more customers and turn them into fans with the centralized mPocket inbox

Personal advice for more sales per customer

With mPocket all your team members receive the same customer information at a glance and can provide personalized advice and engage with customers based on the same understanding for more satisfied customers.

The mailbox for your customer messages

With the automatic reply function, you will never miss a customer request online while you are advising another customer in store.

More features for more customers

Daily Overview
All your to-dos at a glance

Video Chat Consultation
Personal consultation on-site via video chat

Answer FAQs automated
Save time and answer frequent questions automatically

Detailed customer profiles/Detaillierte Kundenprofile

Detailed customer profiles
Customer profiles are created and supplemented with data from social networks

What retailers say

“Digital Sales Channels like Social Media have to become an integral part of our everyday lives – especially in brick-and-mortar retail. Over the last couple of years the shopping behavior and customer expectations in the retail industry have changed fundamentally. The majority of todays’ customers start their shopping journey online – long before they enters a store. A lot happens online on all sorts of platforms, like Google, Facebook, Instagram and especially local search. These “digital shopping windows” are like new revenue channels. It is crucial for us as brick-and-mortar retailers to be present and visible.”

Convince more customers

One click - on app - more customers for your local business