Second Corona Lockdown

How you and your store can get through the second Corona Lockdown

Find out:

  • How do you have to act now in the second lockdown?
  • How do you save your revenue with digital solutions for your customer touchpoints?
  • Why different forms of interaction can help you?
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Our economy has just tried to recover from the first lockdown in the spring of 2020, and some industries are already hitting the second partial lockdown. Retailers, restaurants and service providers in particular were hit by the last lockdown and are now being hit directly again by the closures and restrictions. Many industries fear that this lockdown in autumn/winter could further damage and destroy the livelihoods of their businesses. For this reason, you should react and act immediately this time.

Act as quickly as possible

After the number of infections in Germany has risen steadily in recent weeks and months and is still rising, the government has decided to go into the partial lockdown. In contrast to the last lockdown, however, the lucrative Christmas business is already just around the corner. That’s why it’s important to react right now to get the best out of your business. Even after the last lockdown, it became clear that customers are now only shopping specifically when needed,instead of strolling through the inner cities and shops as before. Looking back on the temporary business closures, however, it is also clear that more and more is bought online instead of in brick-and-mortar stores. Because of the bans on contact, temporary business closures and reductions in visitor numbers, you can probably already prepare for missing customers now. Be prepared with digital solutions to secure at least a part of your customers and your revenue.

Think in touchpoints during a contactless time

Any contact you have with your customers is called touchpoints. From the point at which you draw the customer’s attention to you and your products with your advertising, to the all-important purchase, which perhaps even convinces the customer to become a regular customer and fan. Right now, it’s important that you pick up your customers wherever they want to get in touch with you. Respond to the purchasing behavior changes during Corona and offer your customers the convenience and security of online shopping also in brick-and-mortar. With Omnichannel solutions for your retail, you can also be available for your customers for shopping under the restrictions and guarantee your ROI. Offer your customers to reserve or pick up products in-store to guarantee availability and reduce on-site stays. Especially during the Christmas season, availability and delivery time will play a decisive role in customers’ purchasing decisions. In addition to shipping from the warehouse, you can also use the shop to ship goods to your customers on the same day, especially for local orders. For example, use the Endless Aisle solution as an extended counter in the store and offer products in your store without having them directly available. This allows your customers to select products and variants in the store and get them safely delivered directly to their home. You also allow the prescribed distances in business premises to be adhered to while making it more visually inviting to customers.

Convince your customers with the right customer interaction solutions

Especially in this difficult and still very uncertain time, the interaction with your customers has become even more important than ever. Communicate that you are still there for your customers and want to be at their side, like every year, to help them find the right gifts for their loved ones at Christmas. Of course, personal interaction directly on site in the store has become more difficult right now due to the distance rules and also the mouth-nose mask obligation. That’s why it’s time to communicate in person in other digital ways. You can advise your customers in-store or outside with online messengers, social media, WhatsApp and other media, because the majority of your customers are already online anyway. To make the whole thing even more personal and visual, there is also the possibility of a live or video chat. Here you can show your customers products using real-time interactions to continue to advise them personally even during the contact restrictions. Combine the ordering option directly into Messenger and continue to provide an interactive, personal shopping experience despite the limitations. Shopping becomes a digital shopping experience like in brick-and-mortar retail.

Markus Demirci

Founder & CEO mPocket

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