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We are overjoyed to welcome a new customer on board the mPocket family: Restaurant Sonne in Buxheim.

The family-run company, which has been cooking and pampering its guests with specialties of Balkan cuisine since 2008, is looking forward to the future dynamically.

We want to put a smile on the face of every guest who visits us or picks up their food.

Marko Vokic, the founder’s son, who himself stands behind the counter with a smile every Thursday to Tuesday, tells us about the challenges facing the team of 9 people and why he chose mPocket.

The challenge

In addition to Corona and the associated closures, the family has also faced other small and large challenges in recent years: Starting with various conversions and expansions such as the beer garden and a new counter, a changing menu and a newly introduced cocktail menu to offer regular guests exciting things and also to attract new audiences.

The biggest challenge for me personally was actually to convince everyone in the team of the necessity of digitization. Some employees still prefer a pad and pen and do not accept our POS system as much as others do. This was also the case with the introduction of a delivery portal and now with mPocket.”

But the losses caused by Corona quickly convinced the skeptics in the restaurant team of a connection to an online delivery portal. At that time, the selection quickly fell on the best-known and most common, which had established itself quite quickly, so that the orders were slowly but surely received less and less over the phone.

Even after the restaurant reopened after the lockdowns, the family kept it, as many guests prefer an order without having to make a phone call and this additional source of revenue naturally wants to be used. Painful, however, are the high commission costs, which are calculated on the basis of sales. The more pizza, pasta and Cevapcici were sold, the higher Lieferando bill.

The solution

The high commission costs always in the back of his mind, Marko talked to a befriended restaurateur, who already uses mPocket and tells him about the clear advantages of the application: Not only are high commission costs per converted euro covered by a monthly lump sum, evaluation requests can also be sent automatically by the guest W-Lan. Marko also knows how important many good reviews are in order to attract new guests.

Of course, the focus is on the question of costs and we have simply acted in the entrepreneurial sense: If you compare monthly fixed costs with commission costs for more or less the same product, the decision is made quickly.

The result

The team from Restaurant Sonne has been using mPocket for a few weeks now and we are eager to find out how our solution is received by Marko and his team, but above all how it is used by the guests.

What I like most is that we were able to express our own wishes and the mPocket team focused on that. Lieferando is already so standardized, with mPocket we simply got our own touch. Our guests like that and are happy to support us.”

In addition to the order option, Restaurant Sonne also uses the automated review requests via the guest Wifi. Marko is optimistic that he will soon be able to completely detach himself from the conventional delivery service and only be able to process orders via the mPocket app. Over the summer months, he and his team want to advertise orders through mPocket to the majority of guests who come through the terrace and beer garden season.

The presentation to the outside world is of course particularly important for us as a restaurant operator. mPocket has also helped us with this.”

Marko is also of the opinion that a hard cut, i.e., switching off the conventional delivery service, will push the orders via the mPocket application again. While people increasingly prefer to place orders online instead of having to call and perhaps get no or a receipt as an answer, he doesn’t think it matters which portal they use to order. After all, if someone googles “Balkan cuisine nearby” and gets the restaurant Sonne as a result, it doesn’t matter for them which link they click on to choose their dishes. Today’s guest wants it practically with a click – if he can still support his favorite restaurant to get his Cevapcici delivered fresh and hot in the future – all the better.

I like working with Markus. If a problem occurs, I know that I can get in touch and get an answer quickly. The mPocket team really put in the effort and I was really excited, especially by the very personal touch. We’ll add a few little things like the voucher option and then we can get off to a flying start.

Personal, individual support is important to us at mPocket because every restaurateur or retailer has his own individual story to tell with his own individual challenges.

You also want to free yourself from expensive commission costs, structure and organize your team better or would like more reviews, but do not dare to ask your customers about it. We look forward to hearing from you and your personal story and how we can support you with our mPocket app.

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Jasmin Janson

Marketing & Communication Manager mPocket

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