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– bring more structure to the everyday work of your sales team.
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I’ll just write it down quickly“, “A customer just called for you, I noted everything for you.” Who is familiar with situations like these and then the small colorful Post-Its or DINA4 sheets with notes in various handwritings and font sizes somewhere on a pile? Paperwork 1.0. It is very risky if you simply forget the note. True to the motto “out of hand, out of sight – out of mind”. How can you as a salesperson avoid this paperwork and bring more structure to your daily tasks? And at the same time simply reduce your ecological footprint?

The answer is: Conveniently with your digital activity board from mPocket. On average, Germans use their smartphones for 2.5 hours a day, so why not avoid the paperwork behind the counter and save the paper notes?

From the Post-It to the App

Do not longer write your upcoming tasks on pieces of paper, but enter them directly on your smartphone into the Activity Board in your mPocket app. Thus, you have all your tasks and customer wishes always at a glance, clearly noted in a list. Because we all know it: Sometimes we come to work and there are already some stacks of paper ready to be processed and the feeling of swimming in work again is spreading. Not only can this directly ruin the motivation to work, but you feel stressed right at the beginning. In your Activity Board you can see at a glance which tasks are still pending without having to search and scroll through for a long time.

Assign work with one click

Sometimes there is one or the other customer request that does not fall into one’s own area of responsibility or a colleague could solve it much better. Thus, the note moves from one employee to another and can quickly get lost. With mPocket you can not only enter all your tasks directly into the Activity Board, but you can also assign tasks and customers to another colleague with only one click. In this way you, together as a team, can fulfill customer requests in an even simpler and more structured way and guarantee that every note is found and processed.

You just have the mobile phone in your hand very quickly, if you develop it into a routine, it’s just a great way to keep track of all the small tasks you have. […] All of our employees have given us feedback that they think it’s super cool because it allows them to structure their tasks even better.Fabrizio Bruno, owner MPhone Radolfzell & mPocket customer

We at mPocket not only want to help you and your entire sales team to get more structure in your everyday work behind the sales counter, but also reduce your paper consumption and thus also improve your ecological footprint. Let’s find out together how many pieces of paper you could save within your team. Request a demo version of mPocket for your company or contact us directly at hallo@mpocket.io. We are definitely looking forward to hearing from you.

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Carolin Becker

Marketing mPocket

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