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Find out how to prepare for the upcoming Christmas, especially this pandemic year 2020.



Find out:

  • How will Corona continue to influence us and our brick-and-mortar stores?
  • How can you prepare your brick-and-mortar retail business for the upcoming Christmas business?
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Corona infection numbers have now reached a new peak in Germany. In the Netherlands, the “partial lockdown”has already been called because of the high numbers, and restaurants, cafés and pubs are being closed again. The Corona situation is also uncertain in Germany, so brick-and-mortar shops should be prepared for everything. Digitalization and a sophisticated omnichannel strategy in particular can help here. At mPocket we want to help you prepare for all possible circumstances and the upcoming Christmas business.

Buying behavior and sales strategies have changed

Early 2020 especially March and April were the worst time for retail because of the Corona pandemic. Especially the brick-and-mortar shops and restaurants in our inner cities had to close temporarily. Thanks to the cross-border easing, the shops were gradually reopened in compliance with the hygiene measures. However, the purchasing behavior of customers has also adapted to the situation and many have moved to online shopping. This has already led to an increase in sales of EUR 2 billion compared to last year. Customers want to avoid contacts and have become accustomed to the convenience of online orders and deliveries home. But brick-and-mortar retailers have also tried to adapt as quickly as possible with new strategies and measures. More restaurants have offered deliveries and online orders. Dealers have started to advise their customers virtually, or have even teamed up with taxi companies to deliver their goods directly to the customer. Especially for the upcoming Christmas business, brick-and-mortar retailers need new solutions to meet the new buying behavior of their customers.

Respond to your customers’ new buying behavior

Last year, 62% of Christmas purchases were made in brick-and-mortar stores, and this is likely to change somewhat this year. Customers are less likely to stroll through the stores and more likely to make targeted Christmas purchases. With a personal consultation and the direct availability of the goods, you can continue to convince your customers even in their more targeted search. Even though many purchases are currently made online, 59% of respondents said in a survey that they would switch from pure online retail to a brick-and-mortar business with automation solutions. Since the local brick-and-mortar store has also despite the current COVID-19 situation still its advantages for the customers contrary to the pure online retailer. Especially when it comes to the topic of regional and local, brick-and-mortar stores are still the customers’ first point of contact. In the store, customers have the opportunity to test products for functionality and appearance and take them directly instead of waiting days, sometimes even weeks, for delivery. Offer your customers the opportunity to reserve the goods in your shop or to pick them up directly. In this way, you help to reduce their stay in public shops to the essentials and further protect them. Offer contactless payment options to reduce the risk of contagion for your customers and service personnel. In the event of another lockdown, you can deliver to customers in your area on the same day with a possible ordering and delivery option. This not only allows you to continue to pursue your day-to-day business in the best possible way, but also to convince your customers of you and your shop. Offer your customers specific appointments in your store to avoid large-scale gatherings in the premises and continue to offer more personal advice. As you can see there are some solutions for you as a local brick-and-mortar-store and part of a city/village community, how you can prepare for the coming weeks and months, to get out of another crisis better this time.

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Markus Demirci

Founder & CEO mPocket

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