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In recent years and months, the purchasing behaviour of customers in brick-and-mortar retail has changed considerably, especially due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The rapidly advancing digitalization and the strong internet competition are further factors influencing brick-and-mortar retail and reasons for its loss of customers. With online customer reviews, you too can boost your brick-and-mortar retail business and increase your sales.

How to convince customers of brick-and-mortar retail using online reviews

As before any purchase decision, the customer must first realize that he or she is in need of a special product. At this stage, it is important to make the customer aware of your business. It is important to know where your customers are. Through smartphones, tablets and co., everyone has the chance to be online at any time and usually they get information about a product or service online. According to a study in Q4 2019, 90% of consumers use the Internet to find local shops. 82% of respondents said they only look at reviews online before a business visit. Right there, on the Internet, you need to intercept your potential customers and convince them of you and your business.

A very trustworthy and honest advertisement for your business online is the so-called User Generated Content, such as customer reviews and customer reviews for other potential prospects. In a 2017 study, 93% of respondents said that online customer reviews usually have a big impact on their purchasing decision. If a potential customer finds positive feedback about your business and products on his or her search for a particular product, he/she is more likely to want to buy the product from you and also to visit your store in person. Online reviews not only help you attract more customers, better understand your customers, but they also help you increase online visibility. Here, the more reviews, the higher your ranking in the search list and the easier it will be to find you by potential customers.

How mPocket can support you

With mPocket, you make it easier for your customers to give reviews about your business. Especially in the event of a lack of visitors in brick-and-mortar stores, due to a potential crisis and also in the future,  online reviews can help you to gain more visibility and visitors online. This way, you will remain present even in bad times and can continue to build trust with your customers.

Markus Demirci

Founder & CEO mPocket

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