Missing customers in your store?

How to get more customers back in your brick-and-mortar store

Find out:

  • Why you don’t need an online shop
  • Why you should offer digital touchpoints in your store
  • Why online reviews are not only valuable for online shops 
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71% of consumers buy clothes either solely online or mix both – online shopping as well as brick-and-mortar one. Similar records are determined in other industries. With less people buying in -store retailers fear they might have to close. This is not only a Corona pandemic issue, but it has surely amplified this underlying trend. Now many store owners face the question whether “retail is over”. However, as Shopify President Harley Finkelstein said: “Retail will never die, it will only evolve”. To drive customers back in store, retailers need to adapt their classical stores to the digital mindset of their existing and potential customers. 

Getting in touch with your customer before they enter the store

Customers no longer start their purchase in the store when they “have a look around”. The  journey to spend money has shifted and starts with browsing and researching. Therefore, it is important to be easily found and visible at all times wherever your customers are. For the retailer this does not necessarily require an online shop.   Digital touchpoints where your customer can get in touch with you becomes more and more crucial. Already 64% of customers expect you to interact with them in real time.  As a retailer you need to be able to offer customers the same services online as in person  – preferably in advance and at best 24/7. You can achieve a 1:1 customer interaction easily via text, voice or video chats. Customers questions can be answered in real time by experts, inventories can be checked during the online consultation and subsequently also real-time orders can be processed in-store pick-up. Bringing your trained store associates into play you can provide an authentic and emotional interaction for the customer which online shopping cannot supply in these dimensions. Digital tools will assist your store becoming your customers favorite choice.

Designing an emotional customer experience

Your store is the only touchpoint that channels your customers emotions and can contribute additional value to the purchase. The Financial times reports that according to H&M CEO Helena Helmersson, a key goal is to strengthen the relationship with the customer. Store employees can actively help create a positive association among customers and build loyalty by offering personalized support. Nowadays customers research and compare products before they come into store. The last thing they want is to start all over again. With the help of digital tools your store associates can improve their clienteling performance. A seamless interaction is created and  time-consuming secondary activities are shortened to a minimum. During the consultation certain digital tools can retrieve customers key data in real time from the customers profile using information sourced via digital touchpoints. This enables the store associate to offer customized support, to devote more time to the actual consultation and the interpersonal exchange.
One very disregarded aspect that seems to be disturbing the emotional connection with the customer is the payment. Long queues are deterring and the physical barrier between the cashier and the customer is harming all previously formed connection. Payment should be simple as possible and  stay by the same person your costumer was accompanied from the start.  The topping for additional customer  convenience are extra options like pick-up or home shipping.

Making reviews a priority

Implementing digital touchpoints into your business forms mutual relationships. These reinforce recommendations, though they can only generate more visibility and traffic if shared and seen in return.  Often retailers underestimate the value of reviews for brick- and- mortar, misjudging the importance as being valid for online shops. On the contrary – Receiving positive feedbacks is very important as it enhances your visibility. Thus, you are closing the loop of the customer journey and gather new customers in. Using your digital device, you can encourage customers to leave reviews, or send them – once they have left the store – a review request. Turn each comment in an interaction by replying and show your gratitude to your customer. But how do you get customers to share their experience?
It seems to be more challenging to gain customer reviews than it actually is. We advise you to read our article for more insights.


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