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What's the golden rule for ensuring productivity - could it be that CS professionals should optimize for efficiency, not the volume of tasks?
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If I had to stick to one rule and name it as the golden one, it would be simplicity. But as for many aspects in life in general there is not that one and only recipe that covers all. To achieve the best productivity, you need to define a strategical goal, split it into objectives and link them to the objectives respectively point out their values for your overhead goals. Based on that you can categorize and therefore prioritize the single tasks. Flexibility and adaptability are in fast moving times an absolute requirement. Therefore: keep it simple. The right digital tool will help you keeping the overview of your tasks for you and your team, to divide them into categories and prioritize them. Nothing will be forgotten, done twice or untraceable. You will stand a better chance at getting things done in the day. You might then have the opportunity to go home and relax, instead of taking your work home with you, or worrying about anything that has been left unfinished. Bring your team of customer service professionals to the next level of productivity so they can focus on what matters the most: your customers.” Markus Demirci, founder and CEO of mPocket.

Learn more about productivity within your team and how digitization and automation level it up.
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