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The COVID-19 pandemic crisis is shaking up the world as we know it and our city.

It wipes out jobs, it threatens livelihoods, and yet it brings us more together and makes us more human. We all yearn for normality. We want to go to the baker in the morning and get our breakfast, go shopping, have a coffee with friends or have a meal together.

But will our favorite places still exist after the crisis?

Will the people who make them special still be there?

We can all help together!

Let us all think about tomorrow today; about our favorite places; our city. Our city as we know and love it. Together, we can help by positively rating our favorite places on the respective review portals. This allows us to help local traders and businesses in particular to remain visible and competitive. A small effort with a great effect for those affected, who will have a chance to recover not only now, but also in the future. Let’s thank our favorite places. All places that must remain closed or are just fighting for survival.

Go to Google Maps or other review portals and leave 5 stars. Describes in 1-2 sentences what makes these places so special or just say thank you!

As an example: “Thank you for being there! You’re a favorite place for me!”

You want to help?
It’s as simple as that!

1. Thinking

Favourite shops, favorite places or even business partners /suppliers?

2. Search

Search for it on Google Maps or other review portals.

3. Rate

Rate with 5 stars and describe what makes these places so special or just say thank you!

Markus Demirci