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Especially this year, video chat solutions have become more and more important for us to visually get in touch with friends, family, colleagues and customers even at a distance. So why shouldn’t this technology also be used in retail to advise via video chat right now and in the future and to allow customers to take a closer look at the products from their smartphones or tablets?!
Due to the current situation, customers are increasingly staying away from brick-and-mortar retail. However, with the help of video chat solutions, you can continue to personally advise your customers despite social distancing and bring them home the shopping experience from brick-and-mortar stores. Offer your customers the opportunity to experience products, their colors, sizes, fits and more as on-site in-store.
There are already some dealers who have decided to incorporate video chat solutions into your consulting concept. There are also a few points to consider when it is a wide selection on the market. The following is an overview of 7 different solutions and their advantages and disadvantages

Apple FaceTime

Apple’s video chat solution for all IOS devices, whether on the iPhone, the Apple Watch or the MacBook, with FaceTime, Apple users can chat with up to 32 people simultaneously for free via video. Facetime conversations and group calls can be started directly in the FaceTime app or iMessenger and are unlimited in time. However, since FaceTime is only available for IOS devices, you can’t advise all your customers here.

Conclusion: Only available on Apple devices, proven good video quality and pre-installed on any IOS device.

WhatsApp Video Call

The American instant messaging service WhatsApp offers its 2 billion users worldwide the possibility to connect with up to eight people simultaneously via video chat. WhatsApp video chat is possible for all WhatsApp users whether Android or IOS operating system on laptop or smartphone without any time limit. Create a corporate account and use voice messages and video calls to provide more targeted and personal advice to your customers.

Conclusion: Many users worldwide but with a subscriber limit of 8 people and the chat must be left to send and open files. As with all WhatsApp services, there are data and security concerns.

Facebook Rooms

With the new Facebook Rooms Messenger, you can now make a group video call with up to 50 people at the same time on the Facebook platform. There is also good news for all non-Facebook users, because even people without a Facebook account can participate in group video calls with an invitation. Facebook also offers participants unlimited chat. By allowing you to launch the Facebook Rooms directly in your news feed, private or public group or event, you make the video chat publicly visible to your customer and allow them to join spontaneously.

Conclusion: Up to 50 participants, rooms can be made publicly accessible, no account is necessary to participate, as in general with Facebook data is collected here as well.


With the Corona Pandemic, the American video conferencing solution Zoom also came around the corner, even though Zoom has been around since 2011. Zoom offers very good options, such as screen splitting, the option of setting up a virtual whiteboard that can be used during conferences, especially for conferences and business meetings. It is precisely the sharing of the screen that allows you, as a retailer, to present your latest products in catalogue form. In addition, files can be sent in the chat function and communication can be continued in writing. Zoom Meetings can be joined directly in the app or on the web with the Meeting ID. With the free version of Zoom, up to 100 people can attend a meeting for a maximum of 40 minutes. If a Zoom Call exceeds 100 participants and should last longer than 40 minutes, there are still paid offers from Zoom.

Conclusion: No account is required to participate. There are ways to share the screen and talk to multiple participants in the conference. In recent months, there have been growing security vulnerabilities and concerns. The free version is also limited in time.

Microsoft Teams

The American technology company Microsoft also offers a video chat solution with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a free addition to the Microsoft 365 package that can be held online video meetings or even larger live events. It is possible to contact up to 10,000 participants at the same time. Participants can participate without the Teams app with an invitation through the web browser.

Conclusion: Number of participants with event size, integration with other Microsoft apps, screen sharing possible. Required for professional use of Microsoft 365 Business License.

Google Meet

Google Meet is the video communication service developed by Google, formerly known as Google Hangouts. Companies can make video calls with up to 100,000 subscribers. In addition, Gmail customers can start video chats with Google Meet directly from their mailbox sidebar. Google will be offering free video chats for up to 24 hours until the end of March next year, but these will be limited to 60 minutes. The use of artificial intelligence is intended to enable calls made to Google Meet, which automatically improves the image in low light conditions and filters out disturbing background noise.

Conclusion: AI to improve video quality has been positive. Unfortunately, the free version is limited in time.


We at mPocket have also adapted a video chat solution specifically to the needs of customers and retailers. In our video chat solution, you can integrate your product catalogue directly and thus advise your customers more specifically. In order to offer the customer a simpler and more pleasant shopping and consulting experience, the shopping cart of your website can also be connected for ordering directly from the video chat. Give your staff and your customers with mPocket the opportunity to experience the consultation they know from brick-and-mortar stores despite the distance between the rooms.

Conclusion: Works on all mobile devices. Quick and easy setup. Very high comfort for customers and customer advisors. Product consultation, ordering, reservation and payment possible directly from the video chat.

Markus Demirci

Founder & CEO mPocket

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