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When should I use an individual or group chat and when should I aim for a personal exchange within my team?
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Find out:

  • When it is useful to have a group chat
  • What does not belong in a group chat

Quick agreements, short questions or the exchange of information – for such things an individual or team chat is suitable. Depending on which individual colleague or which group of colleagues the current topic affects.  

If you would like to motivate your employees, reassure them, praise them or even criticize them, plan a campaign or your summer party together with them or collect ideas for the upcoming season, then organize this in joint team meetings or workshops . The right and, above all, consistent team spirit is essential for your mutual success. 

If conflicts arise within the team, they of course have no place in any internal team chat – especially not in a group chat where others are forced to become involuntary spectators.  

However, if a customer calls and wants to speak to a colleague which is currently on her lunch break, you no longer need to write down a phone number, neither does the colleague have to look for it if you only remember the customer’s name. Simply share the customer’s contact in the chat and ask your colleague to call back. In this way, your colleague can easily access the customer data with just one click without having to search for long and you don’t have to keep thinking about having a reminder for your colleague. Paper is patient, but it also gets lost quickly. If this return call only affects the individual colleague, don’t bother the others in the team at all, but use a one-on-one chat. 

Both chat options – individual or group chat – have advantages and disadvantages in teamwork. Decide for yourself which option suits you better depending on the situation. Together with the personal exchange – also depending on the respective situation – you will achieve more productivity and inspire your customers with speed, all-round service and an unforgettable shopping experience.  

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Jasmin Janson

Marketing & Communication Manager mPocket

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