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How you can receive more reviews on google
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Everyone knows them: Those little stars on Google and Google Maps. Especially for local companies, Google reviews are important, they help you as a company not only to convince new customers with the opinions of existing customers. They also affect your SEO (search engine optimization), so you can be found by customers online. When a customer searches for “best mobile phone shop near me”, only the shops in the area with many good reviews are displayed directly at the top. For this reason, it is important that you also collect many good reviews on Google. More positive reviews = more customers & sales.

Before you can even collect Google reviews for your business, you need a Google Business profile. This profile is what searchers see next to your website when they are looking for your business on Google and Google Maps. If you don’t already have a Google Business profile, here’s a free guide to creating it for you.

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Once you have a Google Business profile, it’s all about collecting reviews. What exactly can you do to get more customers or guests to rate you on Google?

1. Ask directly for reviews

It’s always like that when you want something from someone else – you can’t get around asking for it right away. This is also the case with reviews: If you want to receive a review, you must ask for it. There are several ways and methods to ask your customers for a review.

Ask personally on site

You just advised a customer in your store and they eventually decided to buy one of your products. The customer himself tells you that he is happy about the business and your advice. Of course, you’re happy to hear this, but wouldn’t it also be great if others could read this customer’s positive opinion on Google? This would be the perfect moment to ask directly for a review. Even if it may feel unnatural and perhaps a little unpleasant for one or the other, what can you lose? Try that: “I’m happy to hear that you liked our service and products. I’d really appreciate you leaving us a review on Google as well.”

Ask on social media

Social media is also one of your digital sales channels? Customers often share their experiences with your business and products in their Instagram or Facebook stories or posts and link to you. Or they write you a direct message with their experiences. Share those stories in which you have been linked and show your customers that their opinion means something to you. Like, share and comment on the posts in which you have been linked and simply ask for a review on Google via direct message. “Hi, we are happy to hear that you like our products. We would be even more pleased if you could share your opinion with others on Google.”

Ask in a text message

You are in contact with your customers via text message in popular messenger services or via e-mail. Use this contact option as well to ask your customers by message for a review.

As you can see, you can use any contact option with your customers to ask directly for a review.

2. Embed a link when asking

You can make it even easier for your customers and share your own Google review link directly with them. Thus, they can rate you directly on Google with just one click. To get the link, all you have to do is log in to your Google business profile, simply click the “Share form” button in the “Get more reviews” section of the homepage and copy the link. You can now save this link wherever you want to ask customers for a review.

In a message

Don’t just ask your customers for a review in your next text message or email but send the review link directly in the message. If your customers see that they just need to click a link to leave a review, they’re probably even more willing to do so.

As QR code

You often distribute flyers, brochures or even your business cards to customers? On the tables in your restaurant you put cardboard displays with the current daily specials? Use your print advertising to collect reviews online on Google by printing your review link in the form of a QR code. Since the pandemic, these codes have been all too familiar to all of us and everyone knows how to open them. For example, you can create your own QR codes easily and free of charge with qrcodemonkey. Simply include the link and design your code as you like.

In the social media profile

Your company already has social media profiles? Simply add the review link to your information or biography. To bypass the 1-link rule on Instagram, you can use Linktree in order to generate a separate landing page on which you can enter different links, such as your review link.

3. Let your digital mPocket assistant ask

At mPocket, we know how important reviews on Google are for businesses and call it our mission to help local retailers get more reviews with our digital solution. For this reason, you can send personal review requests with mPocket to customers with one click or fully automated directly after their purchase.

No matter how you ask your customers for a Google review, it’s always important that you respond to and comment on the reviews. Thank them for the positive review and show them that you value their opinion. This way, you build trust with your existing customers and your potential new customers – a good basis for a long-lasting customer relationship.

If you want to learn more about how to use our app to collect more reviews and manage and respond to them even more easily, visit our website www.mpocket.io or write and send an email to hallo@mpocket.io. We would also appreciate your feedback on this post in the comments below and/or a positive review on Google.

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