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Google has 65,000 searches per second. That alone makes 3,900,000 per minute. Will searchers find your website? Do they buy from you? Or do they find one of your competitors and buy there? They could find you – they should find you. Use the right keywords to help them find you! 

The right keyword is the key!

Keywords that you use on your website and your Google My Business entry are crucial that you are found by users. 65,000 people type their search query into Google’s search field in one second. The search can consist of only a single “keyword” or a combination of words, numbers or characters. Search engines such as Google, Bing and Co. have the task of providing the most relevant search results for the search queries made by users. In search of the appropriate results, they crawl your website and your Google My Business entry.

The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is that your company is ranked better in the search engines like Google, Bing and Co., that more customers become aware of you, find you and more traffic is generated. Keywords are also an important part of SEO. You can find out more at OMR.

What are your customers looking for?

To use the right keywords, you first need to know what your customers are looking for. Which search terms or questions are important for your company so that customers can find you? Because only if you know exactly what your customers are looking for, you can adapt your website, your Google My Business listing and posts as well as your Google Ads to it and you will reach more (potential) customers. We know it from ourselves: when we open Google to search for something, we don’t feel like searching for long. We prefer to find exactly what we are looking for directly in the first line. That’s why it’s important that you are shown with the targeted keywords at the top of the search.

Benefits instead of product features

Your customers won’t be looking directly for the features of your product. That’s why it’s important, especially if you want to convince your customers of yourself in a few words, that you describe the benefits of your product instead of just listing the features it offers. Customers do not think in terms of features, customers search online to solve a problem or fulfil a need. Some of your customers may not even know exactly what they need. Presenting the benefits will help you especially if your company belongs more to a niche market. So, answer the following question in a few words: “How does your product/service make the consumer’s life easier?

Keyword Search Tools

But how do you find exactly the keywords that users use in their search? There are some tools that can help you find the right keywords for your Google Ads campaign, your website, and your Google My Business listing. You are the one who knows your company, your products and your service best. You know what benefits you deliver to your customers. If you have a mobile phone shop, e.g., “mobile phone shop”, “mobile phone shop”, “O2 shop” or “buy mobile phone” are potential keywords. We’ve listed three of the tools where you can just enter your potential keywords to see if your customers use them in their search.

Keyword Planner by Google

The Keyword Planner shows you an approximate monthly search volume and possible click prices to match your keywords. For Google’s Keyword Planner, you need an advanced Google Ads account as a merchant. The Ads account as well as the Keyword Planner are free of charge for you. If you already have a Google Ads account, keep in mind that you’ll convert it from a Smart Campaign Account to an Advanced Account. All you must do is click on the tool icon after signing into your Google Ad account and select the advanced settings.

Google Trends 

With the help of the free Google Trends tool, you can view the search interest for certain keywords historically and compare them with others. Google Trends collects data from google searches you’ve already made, and you can see the frequencies of search terms compared to other similar keywords, different geographic regions, or across language boundaries.

Ubersuggest Keyword Search

From the American marketing expert Neil Patel there is also an online tool for keyword research. Ubersuggest offers you keyword research, keyword analysis and much more. In keyword research, Ubersuggest shows the average search volume of the keyword per month, i.e., how often the keyword or search term was searched on Google. The SEO Difficulty shows how difficult it is for you to achieve a ranking with this keyword in the organic search. The Paid Difficulty shows how easy or difficult it is on a scale of 1 to 100 to place a Google ad clearly visible. In addition, the cost per click (CPC) is displayed to you and should serve as an indicator whether it is worthwhile to run an ads campaign with this keyword. The higher the CPC, the more competitive the keyword. Unfortunately, the tool can only be used to a limited extent free of charge and allows you to make only 3 requests per day free of charge without login. If you need more keywords, you must create an account with Ubersuggest, there are different possible types of subscriptions for you. 


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