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Not only the pandemic, with stores temporarily closed, has severely affected brick-and-mortar retailers in recent years, but mainly the changed customer behavior and the competition online. Additionally retailers struggle to hire talented employees since the reopening of their stores, retailers simply lack staff and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find good talent.

“The pandemic caused the temporary closure of my store and the loss of three of my employees. Now I am lacking even more qualified people. I couldn’t imagine how to distribute all the tasks to my remaining team. Luckily, I didn’t have to – mPocket relieved my team and me from of a lot of tasks and the three cancellations did not have effect the rest of the team that much.” Sahin Süzek – Owner Handy Image

For the last couple of years it has become increasingly difficult for local retailers to find qualified staff. With the pandemic, many store owners face an even higher shortage of employees. Especially for retailers in the telecommunications industry, it has become more difficult to find qualified sales people. Products like a new smartphone or a mobile phone contract are complicated for many customers and require qualified advice. At this point the shop owners usually lack qualified personnel. At the end of the day – especially in the telecommunications industry – people buy from people.

“I’ve already understood that it is important for my shop to collect reviews, be active on social media and use them for customer service. I simply do not have enough the capacity, people, time and knowledge. Our focus and expertise are in personal consultations – from people for people.” Sahin Süzek – owner Handy Image

Reaching new customers is becoming more and more difficult for local retailers. Customers no longer just go straight to the city center when they need something – they research online, inform themselves on Google, compare prices and read reviews from other users. But not only this – customers also check on social networks: “What do friends and acquaintances say? Can I find the store on social media? How are they rated?” After they found a company online, customers want to know immediately if the desired product is available. Preferably they get all required information via an instant message from one of the shop experts. This already sounds like additional effort for the retailers and his team.

The focus in retail, especially in brick-and-mortar retail, is the trust, the personal advice and service that customer receive directly from an industry expert. Though nowadays, customers want to get advice at any time and any place.

“Not so long ago, I had difficulties winning new customers because we simply didn’t have the time to be active on social media and answer questions or reviews in addition to our daily work. Sometimes I spent my evenings trying to follow up with customers on various platforms for 5 or 6 hours outside of opening hours. Whether online reviews, requests for contract extension, product availability or orders. And now? Now I can save a lot of time with mPocket every day, because many of these tasks are done automatically. At the end of the day, I have more time for customer acquisition and – of course – my family and children at home.” Sahin Süzek – owner Handy Image

It is not only about gaining new customers, but also about retaining existing ones or like we,  mPocket call it “converting them into fans”. Fans which keep coming back and continue shopping. Fans you can rely on as a retailer, that choose you over your competition and like visiting your shop because they trust you. Especially in the telecommunications industry, whether it is a partner shop or a specialist: customer relationship management is missing possibilities and the right tools.

“Many people enter our shop every day and to seek advice. When one of these customers leaves my store and is not one of my long termed customers, I can only hope that it was not the last contract they signed and they will buy from us again.” Sahin Süzek – owner Handy Image

Customer relationships also means showing them that you care about your customers and their opinions. A small reminder for the contract extension or a “Happy Birthday” –  it is the little things your customers appreciate. This seems to be time-consuming, because someone has to take care of it. For such tasks the right tools and time are usually missing. Or just mPocket is. 

“With mPocket my customers are automatically reminded, whether it’s a reminder for a contract extension reminder or birthday greetings – everything without even having to think about it.” Sahin Süzek – owner Handy Image

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