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Especially in the last few months, online shopping has become more and more popular and successful. Even after the first easing of the COVID-19 pandemic wave, e-commerce recorded a 52% increase in sales in July 2020. This increase is likely to continue, especially in the current critical situation. Thus it becomes more and more clear how important it is that you also present and market your products well online. A form of presenting your products to interested parties well and visibly on the Internet and on Google is with Google Shopping Ads.

Convince online and reach more customers

With all the gingerbread on the shelves of brick-and-mortar stores, it is becoming increasingly clear that the Christmas season is just around the corner. This year, with the ongoing global Corona pandemic, customers’ buying behaviour has moved more and more towards online shopping. That’s why it’s important to be visible to customers online right now. Use Google Shopping Ads as your second storefront, next to your store online and show your customers that you and your products are nearby and available. Already 34% of the Germans surveyed say that they want to finish their Christmas shopping before December. And another 41% said they will be buying online this Christmas more than in the last years. Take your chance and offer your products online for free with Google Shopping Ads.

Google Shopping Ads for free

Google Shopping Ads are a special display form of product search results, usually you can see this display at the top of the search box or at the right edge of the results page. The special thing about the ads is that your product will only be displayed if it really fits the search of the potential customer. Google Shopping Ads include a product image, product information, availability and a link to your online store. In a regional search, the customer is also shown the product availability based on the distance to the nearest store. Thus, the interested party receives all the most important facts at a glance without even having to click on the product. All in all, this presentation is very appealing to your customers, as they learn the most relevant about the product directly in one view. In addition, this product illustration also helps you with the online visibility of your brand and also improves your conversion rate. Firstly, customers who have already shown an interest in buying are addressed directly. On the other hand, the potential customers already know before clicking on your shop whether they will find what they are looking for. In 2020, Google is even offering Google Shopping Ads free of charge as an initiative to support retailers during and after the Corona Pandemic.

Use Google Shopping Ads yourself with two easy steps

First, you need a Google Account and a Google Merchant Center to share your business and product information with your customers on Google’s various platforms. In your assigned Google Merchant Center, you must first create a product data feed. There is even the possibility that some shop systems can help you with the creation. An alternative way to simplify would also be a  feed management solution such as that of Productscup. However, it is important to note that this product data feed always contains the latest data, so that you do not continue to promote an already sold-out product, for example. It is also important to know that Google itself evaluates the product data feed and then identifies the appropriate search queries for each product. This means Google decides whether your product data feed has enough relevance and meets the prompts before an ad is activated. For you, this means that you should use good images, a meaningful title, and up-to-date product data. The matching of the feed and the destination URL should also be ensured. The more relevant information about the product you have stored in your product data feed, the more likely it is that your products will also be displayed for multiple searches. The more present your products are online, the more customer reviews and also customers you can win for your online store and your local brick-and-mortar store.

Markus Demirci

Founder & CEO mPocket

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