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Everyone has known Google Maps for a long time as a navigation platform to get quickly from A to B. In recent years, in addition to pure Google search, direct searches on Google Maps for shops and restaurants in the area have become increasingly important and frequent. In 2018, Google Maps already had more than 1 billion active users worldwide, you should convince these users to become also your new customers.

How important is Google Maps Marketing for your business

Nowadays, your customers are no longer just searching for stores on Google itself, but also increasingly directly on Google Maps. With Google Maps search queries like “best mobile phone shop near me” or “best hairdresser here”, customers want to quickly and directly find the best shop or restaurant in their location. Imagine a customer being new to a city and realizing that his / her mobile phone holder, which he / she bought a few years ago from an electrical retailer, has broken down. In this moment, he / she wants to find a shop quickly and easily where he / she can buy a new mobile phone holder. He / she opens the Google Maps application on his / her phone and taps into the search field “Electrical retailer near me”, of course he doesn’t have much desire or even time to look at all the results and will most likely opt for the first or one of the first three results. If you had been in the top 3 in the search list, you might have just won a new customer.

How to make it into the top 3 ranking at Google Maps

With the top 3 in the Google Maps ranking, it’s like a general Google search, the higher you’re in the list, here in the top 3, the more visible you are to your customers. Many factors that are important for ranking on Google Maps can be directly influenced by you. On the one hand, it is very important that your Google My Business account is filled in correctly. The name of your company, your address, telephone number and business opening hours must be named correctly here. Sounds very simple, but it’s important to note that this data has to be exactly the same in format with those on your website and in the local directories to avoid contradictions. Any potential contradiction can affect your placement. With well-made photos and videos stored in your Google My Business account, you help your customers decide on your business, because pictures and videos appeal to our emotions and stay in the memory longer than plain text information. Also, link your website here to provide your customers with all the information about your business with only one click. If you decide to link your website, check again that it also looks appealing in the mobile view. Not only images and accurate information help you to better position, but also online customer reviews, many good reviews from your customers help you to become more visible. Of course, you can’t influence the fact that your potential customer is near your business, nor can you influence the exact valuation they make about your business. However, you can motivate your customers to write a review online about your store after a visit.

How mPocket can support you

With mPockets’s ultimate interaction solution, you can create a direct connection between your customers and your brick-and-mortar retail. Your customers will find it easier to write reviews about your trade that will help you to better position on Google Maps and increase visibility online and offline. In addition, you can allow your customers with mPocket to reserve their desired products or a table in your restaurant directly. Appointments can be booked, or your customers can visit you directly with the help of the stored directions on site. In addition, you can be contacted directly by phone or in the Messenger function on their smartphone or tablet. Thanks to the messaging and live chat functions, customer advice can also be continued outside your business. Achieve your place in the top 3 on Google Maps together with mPocket and our Connected Store solutions.

Markus Demirci

Gründer & CEO mPocket

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