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5 examples how to react
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How to receive reviews we have already described. When customers leave a review for your company, you as a company should also react to it and answer it. Because on Google applies the rule: “the more reviews are answered, the higher the company is ranked”. In addition, not only do you always receive a message in the Google My Business app or on the email stored in the Google Business profile when you have received a new review. The authors of reviews also receive a message from Google when their review is answered. This gives you another customer touchpoint. And if we are honest, we all secretly expect an answer to our review and are happy about the attention it brings.

⭐ Well done: You have a new 5-star rating⭐

That’s for sure something you like to read. A new satisfied customer, the entire team has simply given everything once again. Although such a positive evaluation pleases companies, many do not react to it. Perhaps for the reason that they don’t know how to react. But it can be so easy – thank your customers, show them that you are happy that they were satisfied. Because not only have you just received positive feedback, but also one that can bring you new customers. If that’s not a reason to say THANK YOU?!

How do I respond to positive reviews?

Behind every positive review is a person who has taken the time to share their positive experience with your business online. A person who already likes you, your team, your business and service and your products. Thus, the first stone of a good customer relationship has already been laid. With an answer that shows your appreciation to the customer, you simply increase customer loyalty and turn the first-time customer into a long-term one. If you don’t respond customers can quickly feel ignored and unnoticed and will probably choose a different company next time. What you should also not forget is that not only the author of the review reads your answer, but also other potential customers read whether and how your rated company reacts.

How and what exactly you can respond to a positive review we have summarized in 5 examples.

1. Reply personalized

General answers that fit any feedback are not the solution, but only show customers that they are not worth the time to you. What is the best way to show your honest appreciation to a person? By addressing him or her personally with the name and instead of “Dear customer, thank you…” better write “Dear Erik, thank you…“. Already at this moment, your customer has the feeling that his review has been read and he has been valued as a person.

2. Respond to specific points of the review

The customer has just referred to your excellent service in his review? Use this information specifically in your answer. Don’t just thank him for the positive review, but also tell him: “Your review shows us as a team that we are on the right track and that we are doing a good job as a service team“. Thus, you show that the review has been read and accepted by you in detail.

3. Give recommendations and tips for a future visit

We know it from online shopping “Because you liked product x, you certainly like also…” – that’s how the so-called upselling works. Nicely packed, you can also use this strategy in your review response. Your customer enthuses about your shrimp plate, then tell him that you always offer shrimp all-you-can-eat on Tuesdays. Thus, you show that you have read the review and simply encourage him to visit you again.

4. Share customer reviews

Some people also speak of customer statements: Real reviews of customers that are shared on websites and the social profiles of companies. On the one hand, companies show potential customers directly what other customers have positive things to say. On the other hand, it’s a reaction of a company to a positive review: “We appreciate your review, we want to share it with everyone”. Before you share a review, however, you should ask the author for permission.

5. Give something back to your customers

We all like it when we get something in return, for example a discount coupon, a free product, a special consultation or a document with a detailed explanation of the product – as a small thank you gift. As already mentioned, not only the author of the review, but also interested parties read your answer. When prospects realize that you’re giving something back for positive reviews, they’re more likely to visit and rate you. “We are pleased to hear that you are satisfied with product X. We have a little surprise for you with which you can get even more out of the product…“. However, the same law applies to all. This means that you should be consistent and give something back to the others who have rated the same product, otherwise your customers will quickly get upset.

Now you know how important reactions and responses to reviews are. At the same time, you probably think that this sounds like extra work for you and your entire team. Feel free to contact us hallo@mpocket.io and visit our website and we will show you how to make it easier.

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