We really tried hard

- but it just did not work out...



It actually seemed so easy, but in the end it was just too hard!

Woookwip — wuukwip — whokwip — Wo-kip

That’s why, after careful consideration and with a lot of time, heart and soul involved, we decided to change our name to mPocket!

But don’t worry, nothing will change for you, except that you may have to learn a name that might not be so new for some of you! – mPocket

My vision from 25 years of expertise in retail is that customer and businesses need to be seamlessly connected, which descibes the logo – a “M” mirrored to become a seamless interaction. The “M” is also a symbol for mobile, because every tool we know today (e.g. a cash register, product scanner, big screens,…) will eventually be replaced by a mobile solution which fits into our pocket without sacrificing on the personal shopping experience” (Markus Demirci, CEO mPocket)

Our interaction solution is as seamless as our logo, enabling every retailer to offer their customers a personal, seamless and cross-platform shopping experience online, in-store and in-between. From the first contact with the customer to the payment and customer reputation post purchase – all in one solution.

Furthermore, we want to support companies in becoming more visible and convincing more customers of their value. Because we also miss the experience of strolling through our city centers and shopping in our favorite shop around the corner, especially now with the current situation. This is exactly why we have made it our vision to support the city centers, brands and shops next door and to give them a suitable tool to bring the excitement back into stores. 

It is already clear that retail has changed over time – it is no longer just our local shops that are the focus, but the entire shopping experience online and offline in-store. Customers want to interact and engage with a business everywhere, whether online, in-store or in-between. They have come to appreciate the convenience of online shopping, but still look to local shops for the personal and emotionally engaging advice. With our digital interaction solutions, we want to help brick & mortar retailers become more visible and attract more customers to their shops.

Markus Demirci

Founder & CEO mPocket

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