About us

As a kid we always dream about running our own business – we start by selling lemonade on the street where we dedicate all our time and energy serving our customers. And nowadays? Today in-store traffic is shifting to online interactions while local businesses struggle to engage with customers on digital channels. This is the reason I founded mPocket to help local business to connect, interact and engage with today’s customers. – all in just one app.” (Markus Demirci, founder and CEO of mPocket)

Our mission

Our mission is to create a customer interaction platform that allows local businesses to connect, interact and engage with today’s customers.

Our vision

Our vision is to simplify 100% of the digital communication, interaction and transaction for local SMB and empower all retailers, high streets and the shop around the corner for the future of physical retail.


Over the Years


Founding of whoqip

Experienced and passionate for brick&mortar retail as well as online commerce, whoqip was founded with the mission to help local retail in engaging with modern customers and their digital mindset.


Rollout of the “Connected Store” solution​

The first version of our connected store solution was released and successfully rolled out to a couple of retail stores across different industries to turn their physical store into a digital shopping experience to provide online convenience and reduce waiting times in-store.​


The vision got bigger

The problem in retail is bigger. Complexity and time constraints are the biggest pain points in retail and the main reason retailers are struggling. More than ever, we believe in a reinvention of retail.


We hit a pandmic

Covid is setting businesses under more pressure. The role of retail stores and store associates changes completely and the need for more digital tools rises.​


Connected stores meets luxury fashion

Nominated as one of the 8 start-ups out of 155 applications from around the world by the Dream Assembly accelerator program powered by Farfetch – whoqip was selected in the category “Connected Store”.


Rebranding to mPocket

As a seamless infinity symbol combined with the store solution that fits into each retailers’ pocket, mPocket hits the market as a response to the changed customers’ expectations accelerated by Covid.​


Rollout mPocket application

Start of the implementation of the 360° solution for local businesses – connecting the best of online and in-store shopping to bring the excitement back into retail stores and support the complete customer journey.​


The future of retail – our mission ​

mPocket will power 100% of the digital communication, interactions and transactions for local SMB.​

Become now part of our journey. We are looking for partners to support our vision and journey with mPocket to bring the excitement back into stores. ​

Our team

mPocket Team

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