Local Opportunity Finder – Google’s present for SMEs

Local Opportunity Finder – Google’s present for SMEs

Google Local Opportunity Finder

Google's Christmas present for SMEs for an optimized company profile



Reading time: 5 minutes

Find out:
• Why is a Google Business Profile so important for your company?
• Which additional new features are there on Google Maps?
• How do you optimize your Google Business profile?
• How can mPocket support you?

Google Business Profile – open the door to your store online

According to a survey by the Local Marketing Institute, only 44% of local retailers use a Google Business profile. This is very surprising when you look at Google’s statistics, as 88% of people who do a local search on their smartphone visit a store that matches their search within a week. Since you are now reading this article, we assume that you are already one step further, you may have read our article about this topic and know why the GBP is also crucial for your company and how you can be ranked on the deciding page number one of the search results.
Today, the convenience of e-commerce is also expected from brick-and-mortar retail – anytime, anywhere. For local retailers, the internet is very valuable even without an online shop and offers an excellent opportunity to build personal contacts and relationships with customers, to strengthen trust and to gain loyalty. Considering this, the German Retail Association (HDE) and Google Germany launched the initiative “Zukunft Handel”, a broad and free digitization program for retailers, in September 2020.
Not only are search queries on Google itself increasing, but also direct local searches on Google Maps are becoming increasingly important and popular. With search queries such as “best mobile phone shop near me” or “best hairdresser here”, customers want to find the best business, service or locality in their current area quickly and directly.
Last week we reported about the great new features on Google Maps. Just in time for the holidays shopping season, Google is launching another free tool, the so-called Local Opportunity Finder. It is intended to help smaller, regional businesses increase their presence on Google searches and have a better visibility.
With the free company profile, you can present yourself online when potential customers are looking for you and gain valuable insights that will support you in building customer retention. List your store in the top 3 of the search results, gain visibility and win new customers.

Google search and local search in Google maps – which additional features are available?

Let me just google whether Label XY has a shop here”, “Check out Google to see if the garage is still open”, “According to Google, this is the best Italian restaurant nearby” – everybody has conversations like this or similar with friends and family when it comes to finding the best store, the most popular restaurant or the opening hours of a company. New useful features on Google Maps for the convenience of consumers on the one hand and the visibility of local retailers and service providers on the other are intended to support and strengthen local retail and smaller companies.

1. “Area Busyness” -How busy is the region where you are heading to?
2. “Directory Tab” – the table of contents for large buildings
3. “Pick up grocery shopping” – shopping trolleys in the supermarket are becoming obsolete
4. “User generated content” – rely on other visitors when choosing a restaurant

We have already presented these new features last week, but now another feature was added by Google as a small Christmas present:

Use the “Local Opportunity Finder” to optimize your profile and increase visibility and customer loyalty

Especially in the festive season, the prime time of the year regarding turnover, SMEs are supposed to receive support from Google in the form of implementable and individual suggestions for optimizing their company profile in order to increase their digital presence and their visibility. An optimized company profile pays off, as companies with such receive almost four times more website visits than companies without. But you will not only gain more visitors online: With five times more calls and four times more requests for the direction to a store from potential customers, you will also increase the traffic in your local shop.

If your business is visible at the top of the search results, you achieve more authenticity and gain the trust of your customers, which lead to more leads and traffic in-store. The algorithm works in a way that regular updated and accurate information as well as uploads of photos and publishing posts, plus a steady stream of reviews and the responses to them is signaling Google that you are active, and Google pushes your listing up. Local targeting is important in particular for small businesses. In their Google Business profile, retailers can also see how many customers click the profile, which photos are viewed how often and which keywords are used to search for the respective store – in consequence retailers can increase their sales with simple adjustments.” Markus Demirci, founder and CEO of mPocket

If you’re running an SME, don’t even question it: A Google Business Profile is a great way to literally set a landmark. It helps with local SEO, gives you the opportunity to connect with your customers and provides helpful insights.
Google even makes the handling of the Local Opportunity Finder extremely easy: After entering the company name, the retailer is guided through the next steps similar to a survey and receives quickly and easily many hints from Google how the company profile can be improved in order to win new customers. The tool is designed to be very intuitive and easy to implement for everyone.
Do you still need help setting up your Google Business profile?

Free mPocket Google Business Profile Guide

You are welcome to download our two free Google Business Profile guides, with which you first find out how you can easily create a Google Business Profile entry for your company and then optimize it so you can also rank in the top 3 of the search results and get more views on Google and win new customers.

How mPocket supports you as an SME

With the mPocket app you create a direct connection between your customers and your brick-and-mortar store. The app helps you increase your customer frequency and revenue per customer by sending review requests and reminder messages with just one click or already in the store. Your customers will find it easy to write reviews about your business, which will help you get better rankings on Google Maps and more visibility online and offline. On average, our customers receive 40% more reviews with mPocket than before.

*For reasons of better legibility only the simultaneous use of male and female language forms is not used. All personal names apply to both genders. 

Jasmin Janson

Marketing & Communication Manager mPocket

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You should know these new features of Google Maps

You should know these new features of Google Maps

Google Maps

Do you know about these four new features on Google Maps?


Reading time: 6 minutes
Find out:
• Why is Google Maps Marketing so important for your business?
• Which new features are available?
• How to rank in the top 3 on Google Maps?
• How can mPocket support you here?
Everyone knows the digital application, existing since 2015, Google Maps as a navigation platform to get from A to B quickly. In recent years, in addition to the pure Google search, the direct search on Google Maps for shops, restaurants or other services in a certain area has become more and more important and frequent. With already more than 1 billion active users worldwide, Google Maps linked more than nine billion users with companies every month for its 15th birthday in 2020.
Find out how also you can turn users of the app into your customers with the help of a Google Maps entry.

How important is Google Maps Marketing for your business

Nowadays, your customers are no longer just searching for stores on Google itself, but also increasingly directly on Google Maps. And Google Maps can do a lot more than just show your location or navigate your way on a map.
With Google Maps search queries such as “best mobile phone shop near me” or “best hairdresser here”, customers want to find the best shop, restaurant, pharmacy, or insurance office in their current region quickly and directly. Imagine a customer being new to a city and notices that his cell phone holder, which he bought a few years ago in an electronics store, broke. At this moment he would like to find a store quickly and easily where he can buy a new phone holder.
He opens the Google Maps app on his mobile phone and types into the search field “Electronics shops near me” – of course he doesn’t have much time or the desire to look at all the results and will most likely choose the first or one of the first three results. If you are in the top 3 on the search results, you might have just won a new customer.

Four new clever  features for local shopping

Just in time for the prime time of sales in the year, the festive season, Google Maps is introducing a few new functions so consumers can quickly and easily find gifts for loved ones or the restaurant for the New Year’s brunch with friends, which had to be cancelled last year.

🆕 1. “Area Busyness” – How busy is the region where you are heading to?

According to Google, more than 80 million people use live information from Google Maps to see if it is currently busy and crowded in the area they want to visit. The feature now also shows when that area is visited the most, so users can adapt their visit accordingly, either to save time and avoid crowds or to get there where is the busiest time of day or night.

🆕 2. “Directory Tab” – the table of contents for large buildings

Are you at the airport and want to know whether your preferred car rental company has a shop there or are you strolling through a shopping centre looking for an XY store? Google Maps will help you regarding such data in the future. Thanks to the directory tab, you no longer have to wander around looking for a display board or the store itself. Google Maps not only lists the shops themselves sorted by category, but also the floor on which they are located and their ratings.

🆕 3. “Pick up grocery shopping” – shopping trolleys in the supermarket are becoming obsolete

You are expecting guests this evening for dinner, have not yet bought and groceries and are running out of time? If you’re a US citizen, open Google Maps. The pilot of the application currently covers 2,000 supermarkets in over 30 US states and allows users to track the status of their supermarket purchases via Google Maps and to transmit the estimated time of arrival of the customer at the store for the sales clerks. Google estimates that consumers who use this feature wait less than five minutes to pick up their daily goods.

🆕4. User generated content – rely on other visitors when choosing a restaurant

Are you going on a weekend trip and want to try local dishes? Do you ask one local, or do you rely on the opinion of several people? The importance of online reviews from other consumers is now known to everyone and companies have also recognized the importance of having many good reviews from their customers and guests. Google Maps is now expanding the rating function for restaurants and other locations to include details like price categories, outdoor seating, delivery service and pick-up. This information, which is useful for other users, is provided by users and displayed directly in the company’s main entry.

How to rank in the top 3 on Google Maps

With the top 3 in the Google Maps ranking it is like a general Google search: the higher you are in the list, the more visible you are to your customers and those who are supposed to be. Many factors that are important for ranking on Google Maps can be directly influenced by you. On one hand, it is very important that your Google My Business account is filled out correctly. Data such as the name of your company, your address, telephone number and business working hours must be stated correctly there. Sounds very simple, but is extremely important to have this information corresponding exactly to the same format on your website and also in the local directories in order to avoid contradictions. Any potential contradiction can affect your ranking.
With well-made photos and videos stored in your Google My Business account, you can help your customers decide in favour of your business, since images and videos appeal to our emotions and are staying longer in our memories than plain texts. Link your website here as well so that you can provide your customers with as much information as possible about your business with just one click and at a glance. If you decide to enter your website URL, please double-check that it also looks appealing in the mobile view, as search queries via Google Maps are mainly done with mobile devices. Not only images and precise information help you to achieve a better ranking, but also online customer ratings. Many good reviews from your customers help you to become more visible and to level up in the ranking. Of course, you cannot influence the fact that your potential customer is near your business right now, nor the exact rating they give about your business. However, you can motivate your customers to write an online review about your business after a visit.

How mPocket can support you

With mPockets’s app, you can create a direct connection between your customers and your brick-and-mortar retail. The app helps you to send review requests with just one click or directly in your store. Your customers will find it easier to write reviews about your stores that will help you to better position on Google Maps and increase visibility online and offline. On average our customers receive 40% more reviews with mPocket than before. Achieve your place in the top 3 on Google Maps together with mPocket.

*For reasons of better legibility only the simultaneous use of male and female language forms is not used. All personal names apply to both genders. 

Picture credits: ijeab, Freepick.com

Jasmin Janson

Marketing & Communication Manager mPocket

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Christmas shopping during Covid-19 the 2nd

Christmas shopping during Covid-19 the 2nd

Christmas 2021

Christmas Shopping during Covid-19 the 2nd.


Reading time: 5 minutes
Have you ever been Christmas shopping with closed shops in empty city centers without that amazing atmosphere the most wonderful time in the year brings? That’s how it was for everyone willing to spend money to surprise their loved ones under the Christmas tree in 2020. The pandemic has changed the world, specifically the retail industry, completely. E-commerce was not invented overnight, but closures last year as well as restrictions this year accelerated a drift in the customer behavior towards more online activities – a trend which will surely remain permanent.

“Businesses which were known for and relied on the personal face-to-face relationships and sales, were forced to be more creative regarding their availability, their engagement with their customers or even delivery of goods during the Corona lockdowns. Online is convenient and the safer option, but that doesn’t mean that there is the necessity of an online shop for local retailers.Markus Demirci, founder and CEO of mPocket.

Following the latest news, it looks quite like “the same procedure as last year”. Governments are trying to delimit the spread of the virus and the thread of closures already became true in some countries.

1. “Revenge” shopping brings consumers back

The pandemic is far away from being over, but a certain risk and threat have become everyday concerns for every person, every consumer. Although the on-going growth of e-commerce is hard to ignore, consumers are eager to shop in person, in-store, experiencing what was eliminated during lockdowns. A so called “revenge shopping” will take place in order to make up for what consumers missed out despite a global supply chain crisis, a resurgence of Covid cases and high inflation. Consumers are planning to spend more money and the National Retail Federation is predicting that retailers will set new sales records for the 2021 Christmas season.

The shipping uncertainties of ordering online is in favor of local retail as well – although the pandemic-related supply chain disruptions are forcing consumers to shop earlier this year. Considering early shoppers’ interest in supporting small businesses that engage in local sourcing, more of their in-store and online purchases could go to nearby retailers. In-store and online by local retailers? Yes – hungry shoppers will return, but only to those shops which are present online. Nowadays customers are leaning on online research for local shops, checking reviews and product availabilities, communicate over social media with the retailers and use special services such as Click-and-Collect, video consultation or rely on reviews they find online. A hybrid approach is needed for retailers.

2. Retailers, time to get ready for this festive season

Christmas season has always been that one-time focus of the year for retailers. Last year’s holiday season was dramatically different. For consumers when it came to socializing with friends and gathering with family members as well as getting the gifts organized on time. For retailers which were literally locked down, it was reaching out to customers on more than the personal way – the sales in local retail were highly digitally driven.

According to the Sitecore Holiday Shopping Trends 2021 Report 85% of marketers in the US and 83% in the UK strongly agree that this Christmas is crucial for the further existence of their business. Changed customer behaviors, their different motivations and needs appeared during the pandemic and are redefining the opportunities in local retail. A new sense for sustainability was awakened which led to a reset in the black Friday sales promotions as well, according to the survey. In the US about 17% of retailers are declining this event which has a negative impact to the spending of consumers at other times of the year.

But with an increasing number of infections, newly defined restrictions and the risk of new lockdowns, how can this critical time of the year become Happy Holidays for retailers?

“Preparedness is the key. All businesses which require skilled service staff are lacking such. The missing workforce even increased during the pandemic. Additionally, there is some extra workload during the holiday shopping season in “normal” years. This year we will face supply chain difficulties, even more stressed customers and therefore stressed sales clerks plus hygiene measures or restrictions in the stores. Retailers which survived have gone through their biggest lesson during the first lockdowns: Customer behavior changed, there is much more needed to survive than just waiting in the store for the next customer to come by. Preparedness for this vital season means getting an early understanding of consumers, connect with them over all channels on a personal and human level and deliver the experience they are demanding – a hybrid approach of physical and digital shopping the so-called phygital retail.” Markus Demirci, founder and CEO of mPocket.

3. “Phygital” retail as solution to beat the challenges

Digital has become life’s default channel. Thanks to mobile devices and the world wide web everybody can gather every information anytime anywhere. Consumers are tending to get that personal experience in-store again but are demanding the mix of digital and physical retail.

According to Zebras latest 14. Global Shopper Study, 74% of Millennials and 73% of Gen. X are requesting seamless phygital experiences. Product availability, price transparency, security, contactless purchases and an easy way to return goods are deciding factors for a purchase decision.

But the selection of the store starts already earlier: Customers are becoming more and more independent and use (local) online searches as well as Social Media profiles of brick-and-mortar stores such as Instagram and Facebook for the research of prices, price comparisons or consultations or even just to get in touch with the retailer. The survey also uncovered that 58% of the consumers are getting faster information with their smartphone than asking them from a sales clerk in the store. 25% of the surveyed consumers state to have ordered in-store and used the click-and-collect service or delivery to home.

In the past – before Covid-19 – consumers may have been able to get away with online orders just two days before Christmas and still receiving their items on time. Obviously, the holiday shopping season has been and will be looking very different. Omnichannel solutions are the opportunity to thrive a local business and to overcome once again pandemical restrictions even in the busiest time of the year. Technology is the key to master the obstacles. Make the most wonderful time of the year the most omnichannel available and obtainable time for you and your customers.

““The customer is king” is valid now more than ever with the 24/7 availability of a huge competition. I like to rephrase into “The customer is the channel”. Meet their expectations, blur the lines between physical and digital, do not think in different sales channels, but turn your local business into phygital retail. All of us at mPocket wish you a safe and healthy holiday season.” Markus Demirci, founder and CEO of mPocket.

If you are interested how the solution to bring your business to a phygital stage looks like, contact us directly over hallo@mpocket.io or visit our website.

*For reasons of better legibility only the simultaneous use of male and female language forms is not used. All personal names apply to both genders. 

Jasmin Janson

Marketing & Communication Manager mPocket

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3 easy steps for a successful Christmas business

3 easy steps for a successful Christmas business

Christmas 2021

How can bricks-and-mortar retailers still get quickly ready for the 2021 Christmas season?



Reading time: 4 minutes

According to a study, 88 percent of German retailers consider the Christmas business in 2021 to be their most decisive business of the year.  Consumers are only slowly returning to brick-and-mortar stores. As if that were not enough, the year 2021 is coming to an end and the Christmas business is already just around the corner. Since this business is essential for local retailers, it is important to act now. But what can you do as a brick-and-mortar retailer to secure your Christmas business and generally attract more customers?

Be visible for customers online

For brick-and-mortar retailers, it is more important than ever to be found online. Especially with this year’s Christmas business around the corner, it is vital for your store, to take action and attract customers. Shopping behavior has become more digital, even after the pandemic, customers inform themselves online before choosing a retailer. To make sure that customers are able to find your store online, you first need to be listed on Google My Business, as well as create profiles on review platforms and in social networks. A Google My Business listing is free of charge and helps you to be shown in search results on Google and Google Maps. However, it is not enough to only focus on Google. Consumers also use other platforms to inform themselves about businesses. That is why you also need to create accounts on social networks such as Facebook , Instagram, etc. as well as industry-specific recommendation portals. Depending on your industry and your target audience, you should consider listing your business on industry specific pages. You have to be where your customers spend their time.

Attract more customers online

In order to be found by your customers, you as a company have to make it to the top of every search page. Especially online reviews can help you to improve your search result. The more positive reviews you have, the more likely you are to appear on the first page of search engines and the more likely potential new customers will find you. With your Google My Business listing, you can easily collect customer reviews online. However, don’t expect all your customers to write a review without being asked. Motivate them to write reviews by sending them a text message or an email with a review request. Here you can give free rein to your creative ideas. In addition to reviews, there are also other options that influence search results. To be found online, you have to always keep all your business profiles up to date. Just think of them as your digital shop windows. Provide your customers with important information at a glance, constantly post pictures of your products, the latest offers or your Christmas-decorated store to keep your digital shop window always beautiful and up to date. By responding to reviews, as well as comments, comments and questions on pictures and products, you can further improve your ranking.

Interact with your customers before they visit your store

Today customers want to ask a question or get some advice before they visit a store. Especially when it comes to Christmas gifts, some people struggle to find the right gift for someone else. Besides all the stress and hectic taking place before Christmas, customers do not want to go to the city for nothing, to avoid larger crowds, the stress and the tedious search for a parking lot. They want to ensure that the store has that product in stock, your opening hours, and whether they can reserve a product, before even visiting a store. By giving them the opportunity to easily contact you online, you will increase your sales significantly while improving the customer shopping experience. Enter your contact details, such as telephone number and e-mail address in all your digital profiles. Activate messaging in your Google My Business account. With Facebook, you can even store the Facebook Messenger or your WhatsApp number so that customers can contact you directly. It makes it much easier for you to respond to customer inquiries from your smartphone and thus reach more customers to secure your Christmas shopping season.

If you have any questions or require further information, feel free to contact us directly.

Carolin Becker

Marketing mPocket

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Handy Image in Memmingen and mPocket

Handy Image in Memmingen and mPocket

How Handy Image simplifies every interaction with mPocket

For almost 20 years in Memmingen and now with the support of mPocket.



Reading time: 4 minutes

Not only the pandemic, with stores temporarily closed, has severely affected brick-and-mortar retailers in recent years, but mainly the changed customer behavior and the competition online. Additionally retailers struggle to hire talented employees since the reopening of their stores, retailers simply lack staff and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find good talent.

“The pandemic caused the temporary closure of my store and the loss of three of my employees. Now I am lacking even more qualified people. I couldn’t imagine how to distribute all the tasks to my remaining team. Luckily, I didn’t have to – mPocket relieved my team and me from of a lot of tasks and the three cancellations did not have effect the rest of the team that much.” Sahin Süzek – Owner Handy Image

For the last couple of years it has become increasingly difficult for local retailers to find qualified staff. With the pandemic, many store owners face an even higher shortage of employees. Especially for retailers in the telecommunications industry, it has become more difficult to find qualified sales people. Products like a new smartphone or a mobile phone contract are complicated for many customers and require qualified advice. At this point the shop owners usually lack qualified personnel. At the end of the day – especially in the telecommunications industry – people buy from people.

“I’ve already understood that it is important for my shop to collect reviews, be active on social media and use them for customer service. I simply do not have enough the capacity, people, time and knowledge. Our focus and expertise are in personal consultations – from people for people.” Sahin Süzek – owner Handy Image

Reaching new customers is becoming more and more difficult for local retailers. Customers no longer just go straight to the city center when they need something – they research online, inform themselves on Google, compare prices and read reviews from other users. But not only this – customers also check on social networks: “What do friends and acquaintances say? Can I find the store on social media? How are they rated?” After they found a company online, customers want to know immediately if the desired product is available. Preferably they get all required information via an instant message from one of the shop experts. This already sounds like additional effort for the retailers and his team.

The focus in retail, especially in brick-and-mortar retail, is the trust, the personal advice and service that customer receive directly from an industry expert. Though nowadays, customers want to get advice at any time and any place.

“Not so long ago, I had difficulties winning new customers because we simply didn’t have the time to be active on social media and answer questions or reviews in addition to our daily work. Sometimes I spent my evenings trying to follow up with customers on various platforms for 5 or 6 hours outside of opening hours. Whether online reviews, requests for contract extension, product availability or orders. And now? Now I can save a lot of time with mPocket every day, because many of these tasks are done automatically. At the end of the day, I have more time for customer acquisition and – of course – my family and children at home.” Sahin Süzek – owner Handy Image

It is not only about gaining new customers, but also about retaining existing ones or like we,  mPocket call it “converting them into fans”. Fans which keep coming back and continue shopping. Fans you can rely on as a retailer, that choose you over your competition and like visiting your shop because they trust you. Especially in the telecommunications industry, whether it is a partner shop or a specialist: customer relationship management is missing possibilities and the right tools.

“Many people enter our shop every day and to seek advice. When one of these customers leaves my store and is not one of my long termed customers, I can only hope that it was not the last contract they signed and they will buy from us again.” Sahin Süzek – owner Handy Image

Customer relationships also means showing them that you care about your customers and their opinions. A small reminder for the contract extension or a “Happy Birthday” –  it is the little things your customers appreciate. This seems to be time-consuming, because someone has to take care of it. For such tasks the right tools and time are usually missing. Or just mPocket is. 

“With mPocket my customers are automatically reminded, whether it’s a reminder for a contract extension reminder or birthday greetings – everything without even having to think about it.” Sahin Süzek – owner Handy Image

*For reasons of better readability, the simultaneous use of male and female forms of language is dispensed with. All personal designations apply to both genders.*

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Carolin Becker

Marketing mPocket

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How to get “next level” social media presence

How to get “next level” social media presence

Social Media

Bring your social media presence to the next level



Reading time: 6 minutes

 You are right now not scrolling through Facebook with 2,8 billion people worldwide using the network, neither checking Instagram as one of the 1 billion active users, nor on YouTube with its around 2 billion users. Therefore, you might have been reading our article why social media presence is significant also for local SMB and how much of an influence it has in the retail industry until now. Detective-like customers are more and more engaging with brands and shops over social media which further changed the way retailers market their goods completely. Never in the history of retailing customer targeting has been this easy.

Before the era of social media retailers only had their local audiences to target. Even later, when e-commerce was rising, they were still limited in reaching out to only those people which had already visited their site. Social media changed the game completely not only in targeting your audience, but also regarding communicating and interacting” Markus Demirci, founder and CEO of mPocket.

In this article we want to explore how you can grow your social media presence. The possibilities here are almost endless.

1. Entertaining with relevant content

Participate in trending topics which are connected to your store or your product, if you are convinced that it is of any of interest to your followers. By using popular hashtags (Hashtags.org) together with some spice of humor you can encourage people to follow and engage with you. Brands with the right amount of humanity and humor do best on social media. But always keep in mind that posting cat memes makes no sense if it is not of interest of your audience. If you are unsure about the content that is of interest for your customers – there are several websites which help you find the content that performs well (e.g. https://buzzsumo.com/).

2. Connecting with influencers

Especially on Instagram influencer marketing is one of the best. According to a survey by The Influencer Marketing Hub every 1$ spent on influencer marketing turns into 5,20$ revenue for businesses. An influencer can be any person with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media. This can be anybody being popular for your target audience and being more trusted than traditional celebrities.

3. Organizing contests

Whether your potential customers are obliged to comment, post photos or write the best caption to win, the participation of your existing followers guarantees that the community is growing. Promote your contest over all possible channels like your website and email list as well as all social networks that you are using. To generate additional attention, make sure that the prize is related to your store or your brand and award also the participants which were not lucky enough to win with some alternatives, even when it is only a “thank you” post. Interactive content such as contest or games and surveys encourage users to actively engage with it rather than just passively consume content.

We organized a fundraising this year as an initiative for local businesses and gained 5815% more organic reach on Facebook, than we receive with other posts, simply by involving people, let them propose, decide and participate.” Markus, founder & CEO of mPocket.

4. Including visuals

Eye-catching photos or videos are high-performers on social media and should be included in every post. Content with relevant images has 94% more views than content without and is 40x more likely to get shared on social media.  Videos are the most engaging content type and will lead to increased reach and exposure. Changing your profile and cover photos with the right caption will also have a positive impact instead of just having the same logo for years on all platforms.

Our own experience on social media shows: A Reel, video content, on Instagram generates on average 286% more impressions than just a picture. It increases the attention by your followers much more compared to a simpler content” Markus, founder & CEO of mPocket.

5. Listening and responding

Social media is all about action and reaction: 40% of consumers expect brands to respond within the first hour of reaching out on social media, while 79% expect a response in the first 24 hours. By actively listening to the needs of your followers and being exceptionally responsive you give your followers the feeling of being heard and acknowledged. Your community will also highly appreciate if you thank them for reposts, retweets, comments and all other mentions involving your accounts.

6. Blurring the lines

Customers do not think in channels anymore and the lines between the digital and the real world are blurred. Bring your social media in-store and vice versa by using a social wall to make user-generated content visible in your store or encourage your customer to take selfies in front of a display like Victoria’s Secret did using your preferred hashtags and post these pictures. Encourage tagging with examples “Tag a friend who needs this today”.

7. Using social media tech tools

Artificial Intelligence has massively grown in usage by companies to optimize their social media platforms in the recent years. Besides recognizing faces in photos and targeting them with the right ad or making friend and brand recommendations, AI- powered social media is used more and more by big brands. With purchased adds they target people with specific interests based on their posts and brands they follow. AI collects tons of data and tracks them down.

8. FAQs and private messaging

Social media is already used by businesses as a form and part of customer service. You have questions that are frequently asked by your customers? Put them in your highlights in which every form you want e.g. a video of yourself answering them. Are you frequently posting products and linking them to your shop for potential customers to find them? Engage with customers in the comment section and answer their questions and requests. Use private messaging to get in touch and bring them into your store and in your followers list. Human touch still matters and there is a huge difference in your customer’s satisfaction between getting answers from chatbots or a real person. People buy from people.

9. Replacing traditional advertising

Not only did the way of communication change thanks to social media (e.g. direct messaging vs. phone calls), but also classical flyers, advertisings and other printed handbills can be easily replaced in a convenient way to inform and guide customers. This is not only the preferred way of todays’ customers but has also some positive impact on the environment.

10. Last and least

Buy Iikes or followers. Self-explanatory. Never ever do that. We are confident that you do not need to pay for followers. Your community is growing naturally with above mentioned advice. If you have thousands of followers but not even the half of them likes your content, you will lose the trust of your real audience – your real followers.

Markus, founder and CEO of mPocket: “Social media has become front line for customer service and is the channel of choice today. It creates needs among the customers when put in the right context and content. Personalized feedback, rapid responses and still interactions with human beings is the key for customer satisfaction. Each local retailer which is not present on social media is missing a great chance to be more visible, more present in people’s minds and get them back in their store.

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Jasmin Janson

Marketing & Communication Manager mPocket

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