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Users of iOS devices have the choice when it comes to map or navigation apps. You can choose between the Apple Maps app, which is pre-installed on your device as default and the Google Maps app to find “the best mobile phone shop”, the “best restaurant” or simply to navigate from A to B. Even though Apple Maps has compared to Google Maps with 154.4 million monthly users, only 23.3 million monthly users, the app is three times as popular as Google Maps among users of iOS devices. Especially on iPhones and iPads, users prefer Apple Maps to Google’s competition. Be present on Apple Maps with your company for exactly these users.

Apple Maps

Since customers like using map apps to search for businesses in their area, these are a key tool for your local location marketing. A business listing on Apple Maps helps smaller businesses in particular to have more online presence and is an important addition to a Google Business Profile considering that Apple products have a market share of 25.1% only in Germany in June 2021.  Apple Maps for businesses does not yet offer the same opportunities to optimize your business entry as Google does. For example, you cannot have multiple administrators for your organization because the listing is tied to one Apple ID. Plus, Apple only allows you to update and control your general business information and you cannot manage your business photos on your terms. Direct customer reviews are also not possible, as Apple pulls the reviews from other platforms such as Yelp and TripAdvisor. Nevertheless, you also want to reach the customers who are looking for your company in their pre-installed Maps app on their iOS device so here is how to simply apply for your Apple Maps business listing now:

Create your listing

1. Apply for your business listing: Sign up to create a business entry on Apple Maps. Here the probability is high that there is already an existing entry of your company which means your company is already available but usually the entry is not personalized. To apply for a listing, you need an Apple ID that is associated with your company. If you do not have any yet, you must first create a new ID.

2. Enter additional information: After you enter your Apple ID, you need to indicate your relationship with the company. Here you can choose between “I am the business owner” and “I am authorized by the business owner”. After that it is necessary to enter the basic information and data about your company such as: company name, opening hours, company category, telephone number and business address.

3. Link your website: To help users find your website you can directly link your company website in your Apple Maps listing.

4. Confirm your data: The telephone number you provide is used to verify your company entry. Apple will automatically call you on this number and provide you with a verification code. Entering this code online lets continue you editing your listing.

5. Wait for confirmation: It may take a few days for Apple to finally accept your company’s listing. You’ll receive an email from Apple when the time comes. Once you receive the confirmation, your business will appear in the Apple Maps search results. Apple will also contact you if further verification steps are required.

💡 Special tip from us for you, in order to lead prospects directly to your social media (link Social Media blog) profiles, you can link for instance your Facebook profile in your Apple Maps listing. To do so you need to create a support ticket at Apple Maps Support with the request for linking, employees from the support department will then contact you by phone or email and link the accounts.

You already have an Apple Maps entry but no company entry on Google Maps yet? In order to be displayed as a company on Google Maps in the search, you need a Google My Business entry. We provide you with a guide how to set up a Google Business Profile  if you need further information regarding this topic. If you have any questions or need help creating your accounts, please feel free to contact us at hallo@mpocket.io.

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