Mother's Day on May 8th, 2022

- more than just flowers and chocolates
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Mothers. What would we do without them? Even if one or the other certainly knows something that their own mom doesn’t do or doesn’t do so well or why she can be particularly exhausting, we all must admit that we wouldn’t be here and reading these lines without our respective mothers.

Mother’s Day is there to say thank you to our Mom.

Invoked by women’s rights activists in the course of equal rights, Mother’s Day has its origins as early as the end of the 18th century and found its way to Germany in 1922. People around the world are now celebrating Mother’s Day, which resulted in planned sales of around EUR 850 million alone in Germany in 2019. But not only the flower industry enjoys the week before Mother’s Day. Public holidays are generally the best time to promote your business and Mother’s Day is one of the most profitable. Especially since, at least before Corona, 55.3% of consumers would prefer to buy Mother’s Day gifts in brick-and-mortar stores according to a survey.

Help, what should I get my mom this year?

One reason why the daughters and sons prefer to shop in local retail is the sensory overload in online retail, according to the Mydealz survey. Flowers, chocolates and perfumes have already been maxed out in recent years and are now like the annual stockings under the Christmas tree, so consumers are initially lacking in ideas. This in turn means they have no idea what to look for online as a Mother’s Day gift.

Therefore, as a brick-and-mortar retailer, you need to use the opportunity to get in touch with potential customers, especially at the beginning of the decision-making process and support them in buying the perfect gift.

1. Send out a gift guide

Well-implemented gift guides, i.e. a clear number of products, appealing images and little text, help your customers gathering initial ideas or to convince last-minute shoppers. Most consumers, including your customers, use their smartphones to search and shop online, which makes product images a key shopping feature. Send a link to your Gift Guide via SMS and post it on your social media profiles. A beautifully designed gift guide will quickly turn your readers into your customers.

2. Offer Mother’s Day packages or deals

As a restaurant owner or service provider in the beauty sector, you have it a little easier here: For example: We serve a cocktail of your choice for your mum with every main course, or your mum gets a hair shampoo with every haircut. Like this you give your customers an additional voucher that they can use to make their mothers happy. But you can also offer a package as a retailer, be it in the form of small additional products to the actual gift or a service as an add-on, e.g. the bulletproof glass for the mobile phone. Alternatively, in the days leading up to Mother’s Day, you can always promote a specific product as the deal of the day or give a specific discount.

3. Find a partner

You buy your Mother’s Day gift from us – we invite you and your mum to a glass of Prosecco at Café XY.” “If you invite your mum to dinner with us on Mother’s Day, we’ll give you both a trial day at the gym.” “Are you spending a spa day with your mom at our place? We give you the cinema tickets for the same evening for free”. If you find the right business partner and convince him of the advantages of participating in your campaign, you both have gained more attention and more customers with little effort. Shared happiness is double happiness.

4. Give gifts directly to the mums – but don’t forget the non-mums either

You already know your customers and know which of them are mothers? Surprise them with a little gift for Mother’s Day that they can pick up from your store. This can be little things like chocolates, a single rose or even a discount code. To get those mothers into your store, don’t just write to your customers directly, but also post your campaign on social media. Maybe you are particularly creative and also give presents to the dog and cat moms.

5. Organize a mom event

Even if 365 days of work a year cannot be made up for with a single day, every mother is happy about a special experience with her children. At the same time, you can increase your reach with a special event on the occasion of Mother’s Day. This could be, for example, a fashion show in your fashion shop, a wine tasting in your bistro or a makeover competition, because everyone still remembers how mom used to braid their pigtails or prepare the clothes for school. Now it’s time for your customers to style their moms.

6. Organize a social media competition

As with other major events, topic-related competitions on your social media profiles are also available for Mother’s Day. Ask your customers for a favorite childhood photo of them and their mom, the funniest story or mom’s best advice. By linking your profile as a requirement to participate in the competition, you’ll reach many more people.

With the “most beautiful current photo in front of your flower wall” you can bring your customers and their mothers into your shop, café or restaurant, especially if you have the appropriate decoration.

7. Personalize your products for Mother’s Day

Personalization has been gaining popularity over the years as consumers demand something personal and individual. If your product portfolio allows, personalize some special products to celebrate Mother’s Day or offer customization for a limited-edition product.

Now it’s your turn – make your customers and their moms happy

As with other public holidays there are no limits to creativity. Mother’s Day is a commercial holiday, especially for brick-and-mortar retailers – even if you’re not a florist. Plan your campaign early and not only gain new customers, but also retain existing customers in the long term.

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*For reasons of better legibility only the simultaneous use of male and female language forms is not used. All personal names apply to both genders.

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