Super Bowl LVI

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Missed THE sports event of the year again?
That’s okay, you can just watch the highlights from February 13, 2022, here.

At the legendary halftime show this year, the rap legends Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar as well as R’n’B star Mary J. Blige got the audience heated up. Even the audience, who were not live in California, the spectacle of the legends gave rise to these nostalgic feelings.

However, the Super Bowl is not only a sports but primarily a marketing event, which sponsors such as Pepsi, Microsoft, Nike, Procter & Gamble and many others took advantage of for a lot of money this year. With around 70,000 people in the stadium, over 112 million people watching the finals on TV and 52 million views of the Halftime show on YouTube is not surprising.

How can you, as a local retailer, restaurant or bar owner, use the Super Bowl for your marketing campaign next year without any live broadcast on site, we will tell you now:

1. Your own Super Bowl ad

As a shop around the corner – in Germany -, you won’t be running a 30-second spot for $6.5 million during the live show, but since the spectacle has also achieved a certain popularity in our country, advertising within your budget is definitely worthwhile, e.g., on your social media channels or local print media. Be creative yourself or steal from the big ones.

2. Giveaways for sports enthusiasts

Like any sports final, the American Football championship can have twists and turns and unexpected winners.
Combine your marketing campaign with a “bet” and generate attention: Let your guests bet on a winning team and reward them with an appetizer or a drink on the house if their team achieves more than 40 points.
Let your customers choose their favorite player. If he scores a touchdown, you can grant a discount with a percentage equal to his player number on their next purchase in your store. The same applies here: There are no limits to creativity.

3. Super Bowl Promotion

During the broadcast, viewers are not only present in front of their TVs, but also? Correct. Online on their smartphones. In the US, 56% of households were online during the live broadcast. Take advantage of it and bring yourself and your shop back into your customers minds. The increased online presence of your customers is a great way to promote limited-time sales or discounts online for the duration of the game.

4. Host your own Super Bowl

It doesn’t have to be a huge event, often little things like snacks and drinks, games with a raffle or a special offer with a “Super Bowl” theme and some decorations accordingly are enough to fill your shop with customers. Maybe you can find one or two neighbors with their own business who will take part in the campaign and you can benefit from it together? A joy share is a joy doubled.

5. Organize a social media contest

Games and raffles in your store or restaurant are great, but for the people who spend most of their time online, a competition should take place there as well, since this year’s Super Bowl generated over 44 million interactions on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Why don’t you invite your customers and guests to your own social media contest? “Best Superbowl Outfit” from your store or “Our Super Bowl Snacks” from your delivery service with a chance for your customers to win it will quickly boost the user-generated content on your social media channels.

6. Support your team

Taking a clear side on one of the rival ones can be difficult. Instead, why don’t you support your local gymnastics club, your local basketball youth team or your local soccer kids’ team? This does not necessarily mean a monetary donation, but can also be a catering, vouchers or similar gifts. You will not only be mentioned in some way as a sponsor, but you can also use this campaign for your own marketing purposes on the occasion of the Super Bowl. Above all, you support local, because you are local, too.

7. Don’t forget the non-fans

Super Bowl? Is this the ultimate food bowl? Sports? Which sport? In fact, there are people who aren’t necessarily interested in the Super Bowl. Especially since American football – as the name suggests – is far behind soccer, gymnastics and tennis in popularity in Germany.
But of course, you want to address these customers and guests as well and win them over. Decide for yourself whether your target group is fans or non-fans. If it’s more the non-fans, support a club that has nothing to do with sport, for example. Separate your marketing efforts clearly, but not judgmentally, from the Super Bowl theme by letting your customers understand that the game is not the one and only matter of the weekend.

Lastly, the #Super Bowl is a registered trademark of the NFL (National Football League), so while you may use hashtags in your posts, do not use the term in any marketing or promotional materials without permission.

We hope our little idea collection helps you and you will implement some for your business next year. Make Super Bowl fans your fans, too.

Save the date – Super Bowl LVII 2023 is scheduled for February 12, 2023. Start your marketing campaign on time.

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