6 Easter marketing ideas

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As soon as the Chocolate Santas Clauses disappear from the supermarkets the Easter bunnies hop around the corner.

What is the highest holiday for some means coloring and searching for Easter eggs for the little ones and a holiday weekend at the beginning of spring for most adults.

What does Easter mean to you as a retailer and how do you get the most out of the traditional holidays for you and your store?

Like every event you can also use Easter for your local marketing and exciting your customers. Besides Christmas, Easter is considered the seasonal highlight of the year, not only for the food industry, which gets the senses of consumers for the festival on all channels ready and does not only attract with sweet delicacies. The week before Easter is not only one of the best-selling weeks of the year in the food sector, but also the gift tables have expanded beyond the classic chocolate bunny.

Here are some tips for you on how you can easily play the Easter Bunny for your customers and yourself without much effort:

1. Easter decorations & dishes

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a shop, restaurant or hair salon. Your customers and guests are happy about themed campaigns that put them in a certain mood and prepare them for the respective event. According to Google Trends, search queries for Easter decorations increased by 46% between 2018 and 2019, with the search for Easter gifts starting 8 weeks before the festival. Easter is above all a festival for families, where people bake, cook and enjoy. Get your customers in the mood for spring and make their stay with you more beautiful by decorating accordingly or maybe even offering Easter products or dishes.

2. Egg hunt

Be a child again and hunt for Easter eggs yourself? Could definitely disrupt your shop or restaurant operations and after all your customers and guests should also buy or consume something. Nevertheless, you can make your customers happy during the Easter season with the custom, evoking nostalgic feelings in everyone, and hide small messages in your store, which, for example, include a discount as a finder’s reward. As a restaurant owner, you shorten the waiting time of your guests for example with a riddle inserted in your menu or you set up a winning wheel that every visitor to your shop or restaurant can spin once. In comparison to a classic discount campaign for Easter together with the design of your “Easter eggs” with a personal touch from your company, you will be remembered beyond Easter.

3. Send Easter greetings as a text message

You can’t hide any more Easter eggs at such short notice or don’t know how to draw your customers’ attention to your Easter campaign? Just send a short text message and maybe reach your customers at the right time during their desperate search for one last, short-term gift for the Easter basket. Even if you don’t advertise a special campaign via text message, you’ll still be remembered and put a smile on your customers’ faces if a cute bunny wishes them a happy Easter on your behalf.

4. Social Media Photo Contest

Have you decorated your shop window particularly well and want not only passers-by to enjoy it, but also your online audience? If you add a #hashtag to the decoration and ask your customers to pose in front of it with bunny ears and link you, or if you start a challenge as a restaurant owner who can beat you with the greatest Easter dish, you get what is called user generated content. This is not only free marketing for you, but also reaches potential customers that you might miss otherwise. By putting a # in your shop window or on your counter with a chance of winning a price for the best photo, you not only attract the attention of those who take part in the competition, but also of their jury, i.e. the followers of your followers. The attention for you and your company increases with little effort for you with just one creative motto.

5. Easter quiz on social media

Not only UGC is a great way to connect with your customers and guests, to remind them of you and to attract more attention. Use social media even more and try a little quiz. Combine questions about Easter with questions about your shop or restaurant.

e.g. How many Easter bunnies were sold in Germany last year? – How many meals do we serve on Easter Sunday?

e.g. Since when is Easter celebrated? – How long have we been celebrating Easter together (the year your company was founded)

e.g. what is actually celebrated at Easter? – What do we celebrate every day (answer: you, our customer!)

Here the same rule applies: there are no limits to your creativity. As long as you entertain your customers and your effort remains manageable.

6. Easter donation campaign

Not only in turbulent times like this year, but above all considering the background of Easter, the most important Christian holiday, there is a good opportunity to do something good for others. With a fundraising, you can support an organization that is particularly important to you and at best reflects the mission of your company. At the same time, you generate attention. Inform your customers or guests in advance about the organization, association or foundation for which you would like to donate and encourage them to donate by offering something in return. You can offer, for example, products of which a certain percentage goes into the donation pot. Your customers not only feel good about having done good, but above all remember you and your campaign.


We hope our ideas will help you, you can implement some for yourself and your shop and play the Easter bunny for your customers and guests.

Don’t forget to get feedback from them after your Easter campaign. Not only can you use this to measure the success of your marketing campaign, but you can also plan the campaign for the next egg hunt. Send review requests easily and always keep track of what your customers and guests want. We would be happy to inform you directly about our solution at hallo@mpocket.io. In any case, we look forward to hearing from you.

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