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use the Oscars for your marketing in local retail and gastronomy
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“And the Oscar goes to…” is coming up for the 94th time this year

This year, on the night of March 27-28, the most important film award in the world, the Oscar, will once again be presented at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Film stars and directors are nominated in a wide variety of categories in the film industry. From the best film, the best leading actor and the best leading actress to the best international film, one lucky winner will be awarded with the shiny gold Oscar trophy in each of the 30 categories. Although there has been a decline in the number of spectators at the event in recent years, with around 10 million viewers in 2021, it continues to provide great entertainment for a wide audience.

The Oscars are about honoring the best of the best in the film industry. As a local retailer, how can you use this event specifically for your own marketing?

1. Honor your best

At the Oscars, the crème de la crème of the film industry is honored. But not only in the film industry there are these best, you also have them – your best customers or guests. The people who keep coming back to your store or restaurant. Give them something back, whether it’s a free drink, a small gift or 10% on the next purchase. Show them that they are the best for you and that you want to give them an “Oscar” for their loyalty. Just send them a text message and let them know that they are the best for you and that you want to give them something back in return.

2. Goodie bags and prices for your customers

All Oscar nominees will receive a goodie bag at the event (bag with free samples), which, according to various sources, is equipped with the most unusual gifts: From holiday trips, care and beauty products, personal trainer lessons, cosmetic treatments to emergency hammers for dogs that are in an overheated car, there will also be a lot this year. According to Forbes magazine, the goodie bag was worth $225,000 in 2020.  Make 28.03. the day of your Oscars and give your own goodie bags to your customers and guests directly in your shop or restaurant. Of course, your bags don’t need to have the same value as those of the Oscars. Whether small merchandise products or coupon codes – get creative when it comes to the belongings of your own goodie bag. No matter what the little attention to your customers looks like, you will certainly put a smile on the face of one or the other and bring them back to your shop once again.

3. Present your own Oscars

Go one step further and award your own Oscar trophy. Of course, it doesn’t have to be the original Oscar trophy for €250, it can also be a replica, your own version of the golden movie knight. In the first sense, it is about the thought behind it. Even though the viewer number of the Oscars has declined in recent years, everyone knows the most important film award and everyone is happy about a gift, an appreciation or even their own Oscar in the party room. Notify your customers that a trophy is waiting for them in your store or send it directly to them by mail as a surprise. Add your own hashtag e.g. #mpocketoscars and motivate your winners to share their prize and your campaign on social media, which is good marketing for you and gives you more reach.

4. Nominate local award winners

Who says the Oscars can take place only in Los Angeles? Why not also in your shop? Roll out the red carpet for your customers. It doesn’t have to be the 300 meter long and 10-meter-wide carpet like at the original event. Have your customers and guests nominate who they think would have deserved a trophy from your local arts and culture scene. Like this you support the local art and cultural associations, such as the theatre group of the local school, the conductor of the village music club or the dance club at the end of the street. These have suffered from the pandemic particularly in recent years. Thus, you give something back to these associations and organizations and show them how important they are for the local community and that you appreciate their work.

5. Your own Oscar betting event

Bet that… Your customers are interested in the Oscars and some will also watch the ceremony live on TV? Whether that’s the case, you don’t know exactly? Find it out now by creating surveys on your social media profiles by just asking what your followers’ interest in the Oscars is. If you notice that one exists, organize your own Oscar betting event. Ask your customers either on social media or directly at your local store or restaurant for their winning tips for the different categories. The one with the most right tips can then be rewarded as a betting king or queen with a gift or a surprise.

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