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Content is King and the people behind it are Queens.
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100 blog posts live on our mPocket news page πŸ₯³ – we think that’s a reason to celebrate and to pat ourselves on the back. Because we think: Content might be king, but the person behind it is the queen. All content creators and bloggers out there know: You don’t just shake a good post out of your sleeve but invest a lot of time and effort before the “publish” button can finally be pressed. Always having in mind “What will people think of this text, how many views or potential customers will it generate?

But how exactly does the creation of a blog post really work? Does anyone just start writing?

The topic with the topic

Behind every blog post that has been posted for you here or on other blogs, there are people who have spent a lot of time thinking about it. People who want to achieve a self-set goal with every new text. Be it to reach new newsletter subscribers, followers or potential customers and to convince them of the company or your own person. People who have thought long beforehand which topic could interest the target group, which topic is relevant to them and offers them the added value. A topic that must also fit the company, the person, the blog and the product or service at the same time.

Research, research, research

Finding a topic is just the beginning and this usually starts with research and an exchange and brainstorming with other team members. As soon as a suitable topic is found, it is a matter of structuring all the thoughts the copywriter has on the topic in such a way that the blog post has a reccurring thread which motivates the readers to continue reading even after the introduction. But as simple as it sounds, thoughts alone are of course not enough and the research continues. Every topic wants to be verified and preferably filled with many sources and exciting information and studies. Technical literature, social media and suitable blogs from other authors are browsed to find information that will excite the target group.

Tip, tip – top

Again, writing is all about the target group – the readers. It is best for the copywriter to write in their words in order to address them directly, to arouse a feeling with the article and to give them a solution and added value. It starts with the headline itself. It should be formulated in such a way that it directly addresses exactly this target group. Let’s be honest, if the headline doesn’t appeal to us, the probability that we will look at a text at all is low. Then comes the so-called search engine optimization (SEO), which ensures that the article is also visible and findable for the target group online in the search engines. Do people actually search for the keywords that I used in my main title and subheadings? All these thoughts are important before the text is even written.

After the heading comes the first paragraph, the introduction. Above all, this must keep what was promised in the headline and teased to the reader. In the rest of the text, it is important to continue the suspense and to feed the customer with information and added value until the end of the article. On top of that, the internal and external links must not be forgotten. We want our article to be found and not to forget any of our references and links. Readers should not only read the new text, but also other suitable older contributions from us so we link our existing blog articles. In the end, we must include a CTA (Call-to-Action) in order to reach our self-imposed goal and finally encourage the reader to take the action we want them to take.

Teamwork makes the dream work

The text is finally ready and what so far sounded like a one-man project is now becoming teamwork – it’s time to proofread. Who doesn’t know that? You spend some time dealing with a text and the brain reads over one or the other spelling or grammar mistake. Th15 h4pp3n5 t0 th3 8e5t. (This happens to the best)

The bow makes it a gift

Once the text is ready and has perhaps already been translated into another language, it will finally be proofread. Now it’s time for the packaging, because a text alone is not very appealing. Especially not in such a visual online world – the visual gives the whole thing the final, personal touch – whether header images, infographics, videos or illustrated instructions. It’s time to beautify the text before the “publish” button is clicked – finally the post is live.

Shout it out to the world

Now the post is finally live and you want the whole world to know about it – on social media – Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn etc. and your newsletter subscribers – everyone should know that a new blog post is live and preferably everybody from your target group should read, comment and share it directly.

Content is king and the people behind it are queens

We don’t just want to give ourselves a pat on the back today, but all the content creators and all the bloggers out there, which keep putting a lot of effort into each and every blog post – you rock! And if we read the next blog post somewhere on the World Wide Web, why don’t we show our appreciation to the author with a “like”, a nice comment or even a critical comment that shows our interest in the topic and that may even give the author some input for his thoughts – simple appreciation with our feedback. Because every view, every click, every comment brings a smile to the face of the people behind the text.

We from mPocket say: “Thank you Jasmin, thank you Lisa, thank you Markus, thank you Carolin, we should really celebrate 100 posts live – we certainly still have a lot to learn, keep it up! By the 100th blog post in one language, we will celebrate a party ;)”

*For reasons of better legibility only the simultaneous use of male and female language forms is not used. All personal names apply to both genders.

Carolin Becker

Marketing mPocket

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