Social Menu

Social Menu

Social Menu

How to get more Instagram followers with a social menu.

What to expect:

  • What distinguishes a social menu from a common menu?
  • Why do you need a social menu today?
  • How can mPocket support you with your personal social menu?
Reading time: 3 Minuten

Today, anyone can go online anytime, anywhere, and communicate on social networks and share pictures and videos with others. Social media, and Instagram in particular, is also playing an increasingly important role in gastronomy. Adapt to this change and become more visible to your customers on social networks with your digital mPocket menu.

Stand out from the crowd

Of course, there are already many different types and forms of menus, whether in book form, on slate boards or on clipboards. However, most are less creative or interactive for their guests. Too much text can make your guests feel quickly slain by their dishes and less keen to experiment. The first step to more interactivity is a digital menu. Here you can visually address your guests with appetizing pictures and videos of your food and drinks. With a social menu, you can go one step further towards digitization by connecting your digital menu directly to your social media profiles.

Take advantage of a social menu

Society is becoming more and more “social”. Communication and interaction in social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Co. actually only takes place in the form of pictures and videos. People share and like videos and pictures of their food, vacations and other experiences online. With a social menu, visiting your restaurant becomes a real experience for your guests and their followers online. With a social menu your digital menu is directly linked to the social media platforms, your customers can directly share their restaurant stay, food or a simple selfie in your restaurant with just one click, and your gastronomy is directly linked. This in turn helps you gain new customers, because more and more people are looking online on social networks what’s there, whether it’s visually appealing and whether their friends or followers have already followed the restaurant or been there.

Create your social menu with mPocket

With the digital mPocket menu, you can easily add pictures and videos to your food and drinks to visually appeal to your guests’ palates. You can also link the menu to your existing social networks to establish a direct connection between social media and your menu. This makes it easier for your guests to take pictures and videos in your local restaurant and share them with friends and followers on the social networks you want. In addition, you can encourage your guests to submit an online review about their visit directly in the map. A good presence on social networks, as well as many online customer reviews significantly improve the visibility of your gastronomy online, which in turn can help you to have more customers in your restaurant.

Your Social Menu for more followers!

Carolin Becker

Social Review

Social Review

More customers with social review

Learn how social reviews can help you attract customers online.

Find out:

  • How important a good social media presence is also for your customer acquisition?
  • How social review works?
  • How you can improve your social review with the help of mPocket?
reading time: 3 minutes

By January 2020, around 3.8 billion people worldwide are already using social media platforms every month.  This clearly shows how important social networks play in people’s lives today and should therefore also play in your marketing strategy. Because as you can see, your customers are very present on FacebookInstagramSnapchat and Co. and therefore you should convince them of your gastronomy with the help of social reviews and win over them as new customers.

The restaurant search has changed

In the past, most of the guests simply went to the city and looked around which restaurants there are at all, which fit the taste and the current food presentation. Most of the time, they have chosen a restaurant directly on site. Nowadays, everyone is always and everywhere on all mobile devices online and connected to each other, so the search for gastronomy has changed for most people. Customers only find out what is on offer on Google, Google Maps, on review portals or on social networks.  Especially with its high number of users, social networks are becoming more and more popular as information and recommendation platforms.

Social Review for Gastronomy Search

On social media, everyone is part of a community of friends, followers and people who have similar interests to yourself. By sharing interests, photos, and videos with the community, you’ll build a trust base sooner or later. One trusts the product, travel, hotel and restaurant recommendations of these people and is influenced by their recommendations. This is where social reviews come in. Social reviews are customer reviews on social media. However, it is not directly a star rating or the typical online customer rating of Google, but rather the marking and sharing of certain places and companies or restaurants. But the impact of company profiles is also seen as a positive assessment for others. You can imagine it this way: A potential customer decides to go out for dinner in the evening. He looks at the posts and stories on social media to see if the people he follows and his friends have already followed the restaurant or even shared the visit. If this is the case, the prospective customer is more likely to choose this restaurant. A good presence on social networks can help you to be more visible here to be found by customers and their followers and to win them over as customers.

How to improve your social review with the help of mPocket

The digital mPocket menu makes posting pictures and videos on social media much easier for you as a restaurateur. The fact that the digital menu is also directly linked to your various social media profiles allows your guests to share pictures of their visit and meal with their followers directly in your restaurant and mark your restaurant at the sametime. The location day and the links of your restaurant give you better social review, visibility and at the same time get more followers in the different social ones. Take advantage of this opportunity and convince with social reviews.

Help your restaurant get more customers with mPocket!

Carolin Becker 

Online Customer reviews

Online Customer reviews

Online customer reviews and their benefits.

Find out how important online customer reviews are for your gastronomy.

What to expect:

  • How important are customer reviews for your restaurant?
  • How do online reviews help you become more visible?
  • How can mPocket be useful in generating online reviews?
Reading time: 3 Minuten

Especially now that everyone is constantly online, online reviews are becoming more and more important. According to a study conducted in late 2019,90% of consumers use the Internet before deciding to go to a store near them. This figure clearly shows how important a good online presence is today. Reviews written by your guests in particular can help you to improve your visibility and discoverability.

Customer reviews and their benefits

Nowadays, it is quite normal to inform yourself about potentially interesting restaurants nearby before visiting them. People don’t just go to a restaurant like that, they want to collect information about your dishes, the location and the ambience.

Especially content and information about your restaurant written by your guests can have a particularly convincing effect on others. You should see online customer reviews as recommendation marketing for guests on various online platforms. Just a healthy mix of reviews on various portals like Google Review, Google Maps, Facebook and TripAdvisor can help you win customers and generate revenue. Of course, online customer reviews are mostly both a curse and a blessing, here applies – react to thereviews of your guests, give especially dissatisfied customers the chance to change their mind again. You can learn a lot from well-expressed criticism in hindsight.


The impact of customer reviews on your visibility

Especially on your visibility on the Internet, online reviews of your guests have a great influence. The more reviews you have online, the higher your ranking in the search list of your potential guests. Here it applies just like with a Google search, the higher you are placed in the list, the sooner you will be found by others. You also improve your search engine optimization with many reviews, so online customer reviews are a good way to improve the visibility of your website or, more generally, of your restaurant on the Internet. Especially reviews on several different channels and platforms help you to get more online visibility and you can be found by prospective customers at lot easier.


More online Customer reviews with mPocket

With the digital menu of mPocket, it is possible to directly integrate a rating option into your digital menu. This allows you to actively draw your guests’ attention to the review option directly at your restaurant. After the payment process, your guests can be motivated again to leave a reviewwith a still fresh taste experience Especially now, when our country is still struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic and the negative impacts on the gastronomy, positive online reviews are very important for you and your gastronomy. mPocket helps you get more customer reviews so that your restaurant and your dishes can be found more easily today and in the future.

Help your restaurant get more reviews with mPocket!

Carolin Becker

perfect day Waldkaffee meets mPocket

perfect day Waldkaffee meets mPocket

Christian Hamerle, perfect day and mPocket.

Learn 3 benefits that digitization brings to your gastronomy - according to Christian Hamerle.

Find out:

  • Digitization for more sustainability in the restaurant industry?
  • A better restaurant experience for your guests with the help of digital tools?
  • More transparency for your guests through digitalization and blockchain?
reading time: 3 minutes

In the last few days there was an exciting meeting between Markus Demirci  – founder of  mPocket  and  Christian  Hamerle. Before that, Christian  Hamerle  saw himself as the “biggest skeptic of digitization in the food service industry”, now he is not only an absolute supporter of this change, but also known from the Berlin Data Kitchen. Born in Vienna with many years of experience in star gastronomy, the Viennese developed the restaurant concept for Life 4.0, with pre-ordering and pre-payment, thus putting customer comfort in the foreground – he almost makes slow food. In addition, Christian  Hamerle is not only known from the Data Kitchen, but he currently also supports  perfect  day founder Hans Reitz, the new business partner of  mPocket.

More sustainability for your restaurant

Perfect day – your forest coffee in Wiesbaden, attaches great importance to sustainability, hospitality and local anchorage, their food and drinks are organic, vegetarian and regional. The interior of the coffee also consists of recycled materials and renewable raw materials. The coffee in Wiesbaden is very reminiscent of an art exhibition with life stories by Hans Reitz. The heart of perfect day is the coffee from our own farms in southern India, where they place great emphasis on sustainability and sell their excellent coffee only in biodegradable to-go cups. Thanks to its new digital mPocket menu, quick changes can be adjusted directly online in the map and no longer require unnecessary reprints, so perfect day gets another big improvement from an ecological and financial point of view. Together, we are committed to reducing waste and more sustainability in the catering industry.

Digital restaurant experience for your guests

According to Christian Hamerle, the increasing contactless procedure in the catering industry, together with the digital transformation, is “the greatest opportunity to touch guests more than ever before”. This view was also the decisive reason why Mr. Hamerle and Mr. Reitz from perfect day wanted to meet markus Demirci and later opted for the digital mPocket menu. With mPocket you create a creative, visual experience – a story – for your guests. With the emotional presentation of your meals in picture and video form, you convince your guests of your dishes and motivate you to try something new again and again. Our integration of social networks not only allows you to connect directly with your guests online, but also motivates them to share and link your dishes online. This creates new relationships with your guests and improves your reach and awareness online and offline.

More transparency for your guests

In his interview for the PResstaurant,  Christian Hamerle makes it clear how important it is that digital technology such as blockchain technologies are used in the catering industry to make information, such as the origin and quality of the ingredients, transparent, especially for the guests. At perfect day, this desire for transparency, about the origin of your products, is already supported for the guests. With our mPocket menu, everything can be simplified, as products, ingredients, the origin and history of the dishes can be told and visually presented.

We at mPocket are looking forward to the further exciting collaboration with Christian Hamerle and Hans Reitz from perfect day.

Become more digital with mPocket!

Carolin Becker 

Social media in gastronomy

Social media in gastronomy

Why social media shouldn't be missing in the gastro?!.

Read in just 3 steps how you can improve your social media marketing.

What to expect:

  • Are you wondering what a good social media presence brings you?
  • Are you wondering how your customers can find you better on social media?
  • Do you want your dishes to be shared online?
Reading time: 3 Minuten

We live in a digital world where almost everyone shares something online with everyone, like food pictures. For a long time now, a beautifully prepared dish no longer just ends up in the stomach, but is also gladly photographed and shared in social networks. In addition, a good social media presence helps you to attract new guests.

Address all generations

Nowadays, people spend a lot of time on social media. Use these platforms to directly address your guests and convince them of your restaurant. Younger generations in particular use social media as a source of information in the decision-making phase before they get in touch with a company. In search of new restaurants, guests like to use the social networks to visually respond to pictures and videos and to be tickled on the palate. With every picture, every like and every sharing of your dishes and your account, your online presence increases and your restaurant will be redistributed online and offline. You will see the new guests coming to you soon all by themselves.

Connect your menu with social media

Thanks to our digital menu, your menu is now connected to all your social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and co. This makes it easy for every guest to land on your profile with one click and to mark you in posts and stories. Your guests can connect directly to your social networks such as Facebook and Instagram in your restaurant. Your number of followers, reach and visibility online and offline will increase noticeably.

Let your guests tell your story

Always remember every picture shared of your food and every tag of your profile on social media,are free ads for your restaurant. Posts and stories (short videos) on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok allow your customers to share your restaurant’s story online. Because you know, your guests are still the best and most far-reaching advertisement. So start right away and share this post on social media, tag us and we will like and comment.

In our next posts, we’ll tell you more about the benefits of online customer reviews.

Start directly to share and like! 👍

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Digitisation in the gastronomy

Digitisation in the gastronomy

The digital menu

Create your contactless, individual and creative menu with mPocket

What to expect:

  • You think you do not have enough IT skills to create a digital menu?
  • You already had to create a new menu because of COVID-19?
  • You think your menu could be more appealing and visual?
Reading time: 3 Minuten

In a world that is becoming more and more digital, there must also be a rethink in the gastronomy. A digital menu is the first step to a digitalized restaurant as well as it can be a help in times of COVID-19. Find out the benefits of a digital menu.

Easy to use

The advantages that a restaurant and a restaurateur can gain from a digital version of the menu are immense. The effort required to implement it, on the other hand, is very low, because you do not need any previous IT knowledge. All you have to do is register with us, add your menu and you will receive your QR code. This code can then be scanned by your guests and your menu can be operated on any smartphone. You can simply and directly import changesand make them available everywhere in real time. To address your international customers, the menu is even available in several languages.

Contactless (COVID-19)

COVID-19 hygiene measures usually require disposable menus and restaurants help themselves to find their way back to normal operation with scaled-down menus. With our digital menu, your guests can view their menus directly on their own devices after the QR code scan. Of course, your food & drinks can also be ordered directly from the digital menu. In addition, it is possible to integrate a button, which offers the possibility to call a service assistant, ask for an invoice or pay directly. All these functions and a possible integration with your POS system make visiting the restaurant even more convenient and hygienic for you and your customers.

Visually and creatively appealing

Through attractively designed dishes, you awaken an emotional experience with the guests, which only increases their desire for your food. The menu thus becomes lively and interactive and ensures an unforgettable experience for your guests. You prevent surprises, achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and an absolute unique selling point, which your customers will be happy to report on. By integrating your existing social media accounts, you enable uncomplicated and direct on-site networking. This makes it easier for your customers to communicate their dishes on social media and also increases your online reach.

Would you like to inspire your guests?

Carolin Becker