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By January 2020, around 3.8 billion people worldwide are already using social media platforms every month.  This clearly shows how important social networks play in people’s lives today and should therefore also play in your marketing strategy. Because as you can see, your customers are very present on FacebookInstagramSnapchat and Co. and therefore you should convince them of your gastronomy with the help of social reviews and win over them as new customers.

The restaurant search has changed

In the past, most of the guests simply went to the city and looked around which restaurants there are at all, which fit the taste and the current food presentation. Most of the time, they have chosen a restaurant directly on site. Nowadays, everyone is always and everywhere on all mobile devices online and connected to each other, so the search for gastronomy has changed for most people. Customers only find out what is on offer on Google, Google Maps, on review portals or on social networks.  Especially with its high number of users, social networks are becoming more and more popular as information and recommendation platforms.

Social Review for Gastronomy Search

On social media, everyone is part of a community of friends, followers and people who have similar interests to yourself. By sharing interests, photos, and videos with the community, you’ll build a trust base sooner or later. One trusts the product, travel, hotel and restaurant recommendations of these people and is influenced by their recommendations. This is where social reviews come in. Social reviews are customer reviews on social media. However, it is not directly a star rating or the typical online customer rating of Google, but rather the marking and sharing of certain places and companies or restaurants. But the impact of company profiles is also seen as a positive assessment for others. You can imagine it this way: A potential customer decides to go out for dinner in the evening. He looks at the posts and stories on social media to see if the people he follows and his friends have already followed the restaurant or even shared the visit. If this is the case, the prospective customer is more likely to choose this restaurant. A good presence on social networks can help you to be more visible here to be found by customers and their followers and to win them over as customers.

How to improve your social review with the help of mPocket

The digital mPocket menu makes posting pictures and videos on social media much easier for you as a restaurateur. The fact that the digital menu is also directly linked to your various social media profiles allows your guests to share pictures of their visit and meal with their followers directly in your restaurant and mark your restaurant at the sametime. The location day and the links of your restaurant give you better social review, visibility and at the same time get more followers in the different social ones. Take advantage of this opportunity and convince with social reviews.

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Carolin Becker