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How to get more Instagram followers with a social menu.

What to expect:

  • What distinguishes a social menu from a common menu?
  • Why do you need a social menu today?
  • How can mPocket support you with your personal social menu?
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Today, anyone can go online anytime, anywhere, and communicate on social networks and share pictures and videos with others. Social media, and Instagram in particular, is also playing an increasingly important role in gastronomy. Adapt to this change and become more visible to your customers on social networks with your digital mPocket menu.

Stand out from the crowd

Of course, there are already many different types and forms of menus, whether in book form, on slate boards or on clipboards. However, most are less creative or interactive for their guests. Too much text can make your guests feel quickly slain by their dishes and less keen to experiment. The first step to more interactivity is a digital menu. Here you can visually address your guests with appetizing pictures and videos of your food and drinks. With a social menu, you can go one step further towards digitization by connecting your digital menu directly to your social media profiles.

Take advantage of a social menu

Society is becoming more and more “social”. Communication and interaction in social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Co. actually only takes place in the form of pictures and videos. People share and like videos and pictures of their food, vacations and other experiences online. With a social menu, visiting your restaurant becomes a real experience for your guests and their followers online. With a social menu your digital menu is directly linked to the social media platforms, your customers can directly share their restaurant stay, food or a simple selfie in your restaurant with just one click, and your gastronomy is directly linked. This in turn helps you gain new customers, because more and more people are looking online on social networks what’s there, whether it’s visually appealing and whether their friends or followers have already followed the restaurant or been there.

Create your social menu with mPocket

With the digital mPocket menu, you can easily add pictures and videos to your food and drinks to visually appeal to your guests’ palates. You can also link the menu to your existing social networks to establish a direct connection between social media and your menu. This makes it easier for your guests to take pictures and videos in your local restaurant and share them with friends and followers on the social networks you want. In addition, you can encourage your guests to submit an online review about their visit directly in the map. A good presence on social networks, as well as many online customer reviews significantly improve the visibility of your gastronomy online, which in turn can help you to have more customers in your restaurant.

Your Social Menu for more followers!

Carolin Becker