Christian Hamerle, perfect day and mPocket.

Learn 3 benefits that digitization brings to your gastronomy - according to Christian Hamerle.

Find out:

  • Digitization for more sustainability in the restaurant industry?
  • A better restaurant experience for your guests with the help of digital tools?
  • More transparency for your guests through digitalization and blockchain?
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In the last few days there was an exciting meeting between Markus Demirci  – founder of  mPocket  and  Christian  Hamerle. Before that, Christian  Hamerle  saw himself as the “biggest skeptic of digitization in the food service industry”, now he is not only an absolute supporter of this change, but also known from the Berlin Data Kitchen. Born in Vienna with many years of experience in star gastronomy, the Viennese developed the restaurant concept for Life 4.0, with pre-ordering and pre-payment, thus putting customer comfort in the foreground – he almost makes slow food. In addition, Christian  Hamerle is not only known from the Data Kitchen, but he currently also supports  perfect  day founder Hans Reitz, the new business partner of  mPocket.

More sustainability for your restaurant

Perfect day – your forest coffee in Wiesbaden, attaches great importance to sustainability, hospitality and local anchorage, their food and drinks are organic, vegetarian and regional. The interior of the coffee also consists of recycled materials and renewable raw materials. The coffee in Wiesbaden is very reminiscent of an art exhibition with life stories by Hans Reitz. The heart of perfect day is the coffee from our own farms in southern India, where they place great emphasis on sustainability and sell their excellent coffee only in biodegradable to-go cups. Thanks to its new digital mPocket menu, quick changes can be adjusted directly online in the map and no longer require unnecessary reprints, so perfect day gets another big improvement from an ecological and financial point of view. Together, we are committed to reducing waste and more sustainability in the catering industry.

Digital restaurant experience for your guests

According to Christian Hamerle, the increasing contactless procedure in the catering industry, together with the digital transformation, is “the greatest opportunity to touch guests more than ever before”. This view was also the decisive reason why Mr. Hamerle and Mr. Reitz from perfect day wanted to meet markus Demirci and later opted for the digital mPocket menu. With mPocket you create a creative, visual experience – a story – for your guests. With the emotional presentation of your meals in picture and video form, you convince your guests of your dishes and motivate you to try something new again and again. Our integration of social networks not only allows you to connect directly with your guests online, but also motivates them to share and link your dishes online. This creates new relationships with your guests and improves your reach and awareness online and offline.

More transparency for your guests

In his interview for the PResstaurant,  Christian Hamerle makes it clear how important it is that digital technology such as blockchain technologies are used in the catering industry to make information, such as the origin and quality of the ingredients, transparent, especially for the guests. At perfect day, this desire for transparency, about the origin of your products, is already supported for the guests. With our mPocket menu, everything can be simplified, as products, ingredients, the origin and history of the dishes can be told and visually presented.

We at mPocket are looking forward to the further exciting collaboration with Christian Hamerle and Hans Reitz from perfect day.

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Carolin Becker