Why social media shouldn't be missing in the gastro?!.

Read in just 3 steps how you can improve your social media marketing.

What to expect:

  • Are you wondering what a good social media presence brings you?
  • Are you wondering how your customers can find you better on social media?
  • Do you want your dishes to be shared online?
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We live in a digital world where almost everyone shares something online with everyone, like food pictures. For a long time now, a beautifully prepared dish no longer just ends up in the stomach, but is also gladly photographed and shared in social networks. In addition, a good social media presence helps you to attract new guests.

Address all generations

Nowadays, people spend a lot of time on social media. Use these platforms to directly address your guests and convince them of your restaurant. Younger generations in particular use social media as a source of information in the decision-making phase before they get in touch with a company. In search of new restaurants, guests like to use the social networks to visually respond to pictures and videos and to be tickled on the palate. With every picture, every like and every sharing of your dishes and your account, your online presence increases and your restaurant will be redistributed online and offline. You will see the new guests coming to you soon all by themselves.

Connect your menu with social media

Thanks to our digital menu, your menu is now connected to all your social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and co. This makes it easy for every guest to land on your profile with one click and to mark you in posts and stories. Your guests can connect directly to your social networks such as Facebook and Instagram in your restaurant. Your number of followers, reach and visibility online and offline will increase noticeably.

Let your guests tell your story

Always remember every picture shared of your food and every tag of your profile on social media,are free ads for your restaurant. Posts and stories (short videos) on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok allow your customers to share your restaurant’s story online. Because you know, your guests are still the best and most far-reaching advertisement. So start right away and share this post on social media, tag us and we will like and comment.

In our next posts, we’ll tell you more about the benefits of online customer reviews.

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Carolin Becker