Online customer reviews and their benefits.

Find out how important online customer reviews are for your gastronomy.

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  • How important are customer reviews for your restaurant?
  • How do online reviews help you become more visible?
  • How can mPocket be useful in generating online reviews?
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Especially now that everyone is constantly online, online reviews are becoming more and more important. According to a study conducted in late 2019,90% of consumers use the Internet before deciding to go to a store near them. This figure clearly shows how important a good online presence is today. Reviews written by your guests in particular can help you to improve your visibility and discoverability.

Customer reviews and their benefits

Nowadays, it is quite normal to inform yourself about potentially interesting restaurants nearby before visiting them. People don’t just go to a restaurant like that, they want to collect information about your dishes, the location and the ambience.

Especially content and information about your restaurant written by your guests can have a particularly convincing effect on others. You should see online customer reviews as recommendation marketing for guests on various online platforms. Just a healthy mix of reviews on various portals like Google Review, Google Maps, Facebook and TripAdvisor can help you win customers and generate revenue. Of course, online customer reviews are mostly both a curse and a blessing, here applies – react to thereviews of your guests, give especially dissatisfied customers the chance to change their mind again. You can learn a lot from well-expressed criticism in hindsight.


The impact of customer reviews on your visibility

Especially on your visibility on the Internet, online reviews of your guests have a great influence. The more reviews you have online, the higher your ranking in the search list of your potential guests. Here it applies just like with a Google search, the higher you are placed in the list, the sooner you will be found by others. You also improve your search engine optimization with many reviews, so online customer reviews are a good way to improve the visibility of your website or, more generally, of your restaurant on the Internet. Especially reviews on several different channels and platforms help you to get more online visibility and you can be found by prospective customers at lot easier.


More online Customer reviews with mPocket

With the digital menu of mPocket, it is possible to directly integrate a rating option into your digital menu. This allows you to actively draw your guests’ attention to the review option directly at your restaurant. After the payment process, your guests can be motivated again to leave a reviewwith a still fresh taste experience Especially now, when our country is still struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic and the negative impacts on the gastronomy, positive online reviews are very important for you and your gastronomy. mPocket helps you get more customer reviews so that your restaurant and your dishes can be found more easily today and in the future.

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Carolin Becker